Thursday, 10 March 2005

Grump Grump Grump

Today was a crap of a day. I hate working full time... I do not like this girls job it is the most boring job I have had in my entire life. At the moment I am working her job (Full time position) and mine (20 hours a week) so that is 57 1/2 hour job in only 35 hours a week hmmmmm now does that sound like a nightmare. I realise I was the one that said yes to taking her job for 3 weeks as it was needed and if we got a temp in then we would have to explain the whole Uni thing too ARGGHHHH and also the money is good.
Just that I haven't done any of my work in 2 weeks and that wasn't what was supposed to happen and it is frustrating me no end because in the long run it is my reputation going down the drain when things don't happen. So that is why I have been off for a while not replying as much. I get home and I am exhausted... because of the job being sooooo mundane and boring... at least my job there is a challenge... how can this woman work in this job for 10 years and still be sooo nice and actually sane... I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW.
To make matters worse... the computers went down yesterday too.. well the internet as in town some idiot had cut the cable he he he he major damage.. and then the building electricity went out he he... and at home they cut off our electricity saying that we didn't pay and I know darn well we did... well I thought we did.. the bloody bank had stopped an A/P and since we don't use that account for anything I hadn't noticed ARGGHHH so we had to get it put back on again and have a reconnection fee... OMG like I have been paying the electricity bill for 10 years now and they didn't have the curteousy to ring us or leave a message... I mean my mother lives with us and she is home all day... no no no they just cut it off.. talk about customer service.
THEN>>>> yep there is a THEN... the washing machine wasn't going and I have to get someone in to fix it. I felt like the whole world was going against me.
Anyway that is me for the night.. grump grump grump.
Chubby Mum

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