Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Constant Chat

What is wrong with me? I mean am I kidding myself that I can do this?? In my mind I feel like I am trying to loose this weight but then I really look at myself and think.. Am I? Have I really been good?

If I had been good for the week before the weigh in I wouldn't be so scared to get on those scales.. but then again there are weeks that I have been fantastic that week and I have gained.

As you can guess I am going in for my weigh in in 3 hours and I am soooo nervous you wouldn't believe. I have done exercise but I can't say I have been perfect with my food. I can't tell if I will loose or gain weight anymore... I have a good week and I gain.. I have a bad week and I loose and then when I think I am going to loose I do loose... it just doesn't make sense.

Life seems to be consumed by this diet at the moment. I am also missing the fact that lately my support group have been either ill or away or really busy and haven't been posting as much. I know they have other lifes but I really want to be involved in a ongoing group. One that you get to know the people and that you can post and post and post to and have people post and post back on a daily basis. I think I miss that. I have friends but no one that is going through this lifestyle change and it is getting me down.

I know it is too much for people sometimes to constantly keep emailing but I crave for it!!! I know I know get a life!!! I do know it but when I here others going through the same thing then it makes it a little easier for me.

Anyway I will post again after weigh in.

posted on 2:52 p.m.

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