Friday, 13 July 2007

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Not been feeling well in the last two days.

Tired of the kids... had enough of their fighting and moaning... want them to go back to school.

I think the cold that is going around all of you and my family is now creeping up on me... grrrr.... have a sore throat and headache and feeling really heavy ya know...

Even though I haven't been feeling well I did have a good day yesterday. My friend and her kids and my kids went indoor rock climbing and the boys had sooo much fun. We were there for about 2 hours and it was worth the $11 each.

It was a lot of un. My mum came with us and took some of the photos and I wasn't upset about this photo like I would normally be. I don't think I look as bad as I used to think... so that was a positive just there.

Wow how the time went really fast. The kids enjoyed it and I would take them again and it got them some exercise.

We then went back to my friends place for coffee and took look at the photos we took.

Friday was a lost day for me as I haven't been feeling well and had huge headaches and sore throats. My mum let me sleep in in the morning till 9am but it wasn't long enough and at 9am the boys were bouncing up the stairs wanting to play OMG OMG wish that the school holidays would hurry up and finish. So they watched a DVD up in our room while I tried my hardest to get some sleep.

My aunt that had the stroke phoned mum at 9.30 and they were talking and I got on the phone and she burst into tears. Her words were slurred and she was crying because it was soooo hard to try and talk. She was really good when talking to mum as she didn't want her to know how she was feeling. My cousin got on the phone and said that she was taking it better than expect and that they found a clot in her brain. I didn't know what to say and tears started to well up in my eyes. We are so far away and couldn't help at all... it is just not right. But at least she phoned so my mum could relax a little.

So about 11am I got out of bed and went downstairs and decided to have my lunch before we went out to the library to take the books back. It was the only place I could think of that we could go and the boys would be quiet and I could just sit because I was feeling like crap.... well they got restless and so when we got home I got them on their bikes and we went and got some apple muffins (little ones) and took it over to a friends place to have coffee... I didn't have any of them but I needed to get out and apparently she needed someone to talk to. Her name is Sherryl and things have been getting on top of her lately. OMG I seem to be attracting people with problems lately. Hubby said that it is because I am a good listener... maybe I should have done the lifestyle course like I said at the start of the year. Hmmm still thinking about it.

I have been really slack with my blogging lately... I don't really know what to say on my blog lately...

I have been on this website called and I have been on another website to get more support as I am needing more support than my blog lately because I don't want to go back to the fat person. But I am not happy all the time and I used to be able to say on here but haven't felt like I could in the last couple of weeks...

I know I haven't been losing lots each week but I am losing and in 5 weeks since leaving Weight Watchers I have only gained once and that was only 100 grams. I have lost 1.3kilos in 5 weeks and others can loose that in 1 week but for me... that is still a loss and I am not gaining... it is all good. I get frustrated sometimes when others loose more than me and I have to cope with that... it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I can't go back to the old ways.


Got up at 8.30 and had breakfast with the kids... I love weekends where we sit and have breakfast together it is nice to chat. Then we got the car ready for going grocery shopping and on the way decided to take the boys to the lake so I could walk around it. What a glorious day weather wise out there. I had my head phones on and it took me 35 minutes to get around it. When I first started walking around the lake it took me 55 minutes so I have improved soooo much.

While I was doing that hubby and the kids were at the playground. We then went and got our groceries and then came home to make homemade nachos for lunch yummmmmmy...

Hubby took me out to get a basket for my bike and then we went for a bike ride to my friend Tania's and around exploring little paths... it was great we went 8.5 kilometres it was a great ride.

Tonight I am spending most of my time on invitations for the expo... it is only one week till I will be there and I am sooo nervous and not really wanting to do it but I know I have to... he he he

Tomorrow mornign I am taking the boys to the gardens where What Now is going to be... so we have to get up at 7am and it is on till 10am OMG that is soooo early.. am I a sucker or what... ??? he he he


Good night


Livy said...

Why do you feel you can't talk about it if you are unhappy? This is a private blog, do you not feel like you can be open? I love the colour of your hair! I was happy we were on holidays this school holidays or I would have been loopy by the end of them too!

Chris H said...

Only 1 week till the expo! Wow, I am sure your stand will go fantastically mate! And your time around the lake is very impressive! Don't know how long it would take me, havn't done it in 5 years ... booo hoooo.

Tania said...

Well done on your losses since leaving WW! I think you're doing great and it's important to try not to compare your results to others! Like me, you're in this for the long term, sometimes it's easier to have those small losses add up to ensure you stay on track longer. I hope that you start to feel like your blog is a place where you can write whatever you want again really soon.

WeeeSplat said...

Heya chickie, we're all in this together lol... so there :)

Christine said...

I am disappointed in myself and my lack of commenting. I have fallen behind because I have been relying on Google Reader to tell me if you have updated - and for some reason your blog isn't registering for me, I do have some catching up to do - but I wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you! Smiles sent to you from Canada. Take care.

fitcat said...

Over 600 posts? Wow!

Rock climving is sooo much fun, I've only been once but I'm dead keen to go again. It's surprising how fearless kids are, isn't it? I was shaking and my tummy felt like it was in overdrive on my first wall and all these little guys around me were bounding up the walls like they were born doing it!

I know the expo will go well - I hope you take lots of photos for us. :)