Sunday, 15 July 2007

601 posts Woohoo me!!!

This is my Six Hundred and First post!!! OMG I can't believe I have had that many posts since starting this journey. That is a positive thing!

Today has been busy and it is only 2pm... he he he got up at 6am and woke up the kids and gave them breakfast and then it was off to the Hamilton Gardens to be involved in What Now it was a beautiful day and the kids had a fantastic time and so did we. We taped it too and we could see us a couple of time woohooo...

They were trying to get the biggest Locomotion dance for the Guiness book of records. We had to break the 1,800 people doing the record and we managed to get more than 3,500 people and there were Spacifix were there singing their "Sunshine day" and now I can't get it out of my head. Wow the people there were amazing and the waiting around for the live cues were interesting too. I knew that a lot of work went in to making What Now but didn't realise until today. I just couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was and the bugger of it all was that I took my camera and made sure I had heaps of room on the disc and then got there and the bloody battery was dead ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was sooo angry. Typical aye he he he.

I have to say THANK YOU Livy for caring and listening last night!! I needed it and it was great to talk to someone. I really appreciated your friendship.

Got home and had lunch and then we went for a bike ride to Tania's... she is doing a big clean up of all her stamps and she gave me about 40 stamps that she doesn't want anymore OMG that is like a couple of hundred dollars worth and some really good stamps too. THANKS Tania that is going to keep me going.

I did 4 more invites last night and I am now feeling a little better about things. Tomorrow night we are getting all the invites together and putting them in the scrapbook and working out what else I need to do for my site. OMG I cannot even tell you how nervous I am and unprepared.

Lee-Anne are you coming up for it still?

I have red cheeks and feeling quite warm today.. not over this cold and hubby said that I have tonsils like golf balls but we have booked in at the movies to go and see Harry Potter as we have heard good things about it. We aren't taking the boys to it as we have spent so much time with them over the holidays that tonight is our night away. I can't wait but then again I want to be doing things on my invites but need to get out with hubby.

The boys are making Korma for dinner tonight yummmmy can't wait to eat it sooo yummy.

Will tell you what Harry Potter was like tomorrow... Ho hum off to work tomorrow... Oh well.

Love Chubbymum


Livy said...

You are so sweet, but it's very uncalled for!! I'm sure you will be there when I need was a pleasure.

Chris H said...

Have fun watching Harry Potter, I want to go soon too so don't tell too much about it! Mike is going tonight... have a wonderful day tomorrow once the kids go back to school. I know I will.

WeeeSplat said...

Aloha CM
How was Harry? Went to go see it on Sat but had sold out... that's what you get for living in a tiny town, ha ha.
Ooh Ooh drinkies this weekend if you can manage to get down... :) Perky Nanas for all!!
Luv Me

Rachel said...

I also want to see Harry Potter but my boys are too young and get scared.

I know going back to work is a bugger but at least the kids go back as well.......YAY!!!!

From you previous post: - I also LOVE having breakfast as a family which unfortunately doesn't happen very often (even on weekends) but it is a great time to talk with the kids eh? We all sit at the table for dinner but by that time (end of the day) everyone is tired and grumpy and not such a nice environment sometimes.

Lyn said...

Don't be nervous honey ... you'll be fine. But in saying that I know how it felt doing my first wedding expo. Just relax and be proud of your work. Act like a pro and everyone will believe you are (not that you aren't a pro ... hmmm ... digging myself a hole here! you know what a mean ... i hope!) :D

Lee-Anne said...

Will be trying for Sunday, things are really up in the air at the moment. It will be our last weekend with Krystal so not sure whats happening.

I don't even know where abouts it is. Been searching the net and can't find it.