Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Contracts woohooo

We didn't go for a walk tonight as it was raining....yes I know that isn't an excuse but I have so much to do for the expo that I am not going to go out... plus.... TANIA (lovely lovely Tania) phoned me this afternoon and maybe has a potential customer for me for my bottle labels OMG OMG am I excited... it is with Lodge realestate. They want an official quote for labels and what I can do for them etc by tomorrow morning as they are contracting her to do gift baskets as well and she mentioned that she has a friend that has a business etc etc... woohoooooo for me.

So on top of doing the invites and finishing alllllllll the stuff I have to do tonight I have to do the quote... and to be quite honest I should be doing it instead of doing this blog he he he but I am being a procrastinator until the kids go to bed or I will be doing it out of frustration because I can't concentrate I know I know excuses aye.

So if I get this then I will have two contracts for businesses for their gifts wohoooo... and if you know of any other business that might want to hire me please please tell them he he he

I felt sooo hungry today and wanted to nibble nibble nibble.

To tell you the truth I am worried about my weigh in tomorrow.... only because 2 weeks ago I was a nightmare with my food and in my experience in the last two years I take 2 weeks for a weigh to show properly and even though I have been good for the last two weeks it won't show up just yet. I have 400 grams to get to my teens OMG I wish I would get it but I am not going to put my hopes on it AT ALL.

Work was full on today as I was trying to catch up on things.

Anyway goodnight everyone
Love Chubbymum


Chris H said...

OOOO Figners crossed you get the Lodge job!!!! And good luck with weigh in tomorrow chick. Oh yeah, Felicity is staying with me when she comes up for the party by the way.

WeeeSplat said...

Mua ha ha the aliens are coming!! The aliens are coming!! (I know, no sense, but made you laff, right?)
right, Am off to do *gasp* work

Lyn said...

Yay how exciting!! Hope you get it! One thing ... our local liquor shop does gift baskets so maybe you could go see your local liquer shops and see if they want wine labels done on their bottles.

You'll be fine for weighin. You've done the best you can and that's all that matters. I know I need to listen to my own advice here, but it's so much easier saying it to someone else hey? lol