Monday, 9 July 2007

Week is great with Exercise

Day went so fast today.

I so didn't want to get up out of bed that is for sure.

Went to work and the Director there was in a good mood and that is unusual he he he but it was good.

Debbie was in such a strange mood today. I went and asked her if she was going to kickboxing tonight and basically jumped down my throat and said "why" I said I have missed ya lately... then I just walked away thinking OMG what got up her nose.

But I just shook off her bad mood and thought oh well.

Did I tell you all that every morning tea at work I am walking with one of the chefs at work. We go out for 7 minutes and back for 7 minutes (because we only have 15 minutes) and so that is how I am getting my steps up and also I am going out for a walk for 15 minutes at lunch and the other 15 minutes is to eat my lunch.

I have been feeling much better since trying to up my steps. I used to average around 5,000 steps and it used to frustrate me like anything but today I managed to get it up to 8,576 and I am sooooo pleased with that. I have been gradually getting my steps up each day.

I have been so good this week with my exercise.

Tuesday - Walked Morning tea and then out with hubby that night.

Wednesday - Walked Morning tea, lunch and after work with kids and hubby.

Thursday - Walked around the lake 4 km

Friday - Went for an hour walk with hubby and kids (hubby took day off)

Saturday - Went to the gym with hubby and worked at a level 9 on upper body.

Sunday - Bike ride and a walk to the shops

Monday - Walked Morning tea and lunch and then did an hour Kickboxing class.

This weeks totals were

Total Step Count:

Total Distance:
30.06 Kms

So my week has been fantastic with the exercise... I am not worried that this week might be a gain because I am building up my muscle again as we have slaced off with the gym and exercise in the last couple of months.

But this past week I have been parking the car further away and I have been getting up off my desk to do more steps. I have been good with my food as well... not perfect like salads all the time but I am sooo proud of myself this week.

So this week is to keep up with the steps and to now work on the food and the portion sizes.

Anyway so kickboxing was so great tonight... they had a new routine and OMG there was so many people there we could hardly move. They have some new equipment

They had three of these and we were given numbers when we first came in and when your number was up then the 2 people that had that number would take a bag each and kick and hit from opposite sides. The rest of the people were doing the class with the same hits and kicks that the people on the bags were doing. OMG OMG I am sooooo sore it was soooo great and I was fatiged after the class that I felt like I was going to keel over it was the strangest feeling but I loved it.

Got home after the Kickboxing and found that Corbin had gone to sleep the minute we left at 5.30pm and it worried me because before we left I gave him some pamol as he was feverish. He has had a cold for 2 weeks now and we thought that he was getting over it but obviously he wasn't poor wee man. So we took him to the A & E to make sure that all was ok and we were sent home with Antibiotics and I feel happy about that because after 2 weeks his body wasn't fighting this and so he needed help. Hopefully this will sort him out.

2 weeks until the Wedding Expo and I am far from on track and I am tired of doing new invites to put in this... it is getting me down because I am a perfectionist and I don't like doing what everyone else is doing and then when I do do something I don't think it is good enough.

I am not going to do another Expo that is for sure as I would rather get a wedding and do exactly what they wanted instead of having to make up a lot of samples for a one day thing.

Which reminds me Lee-Anne girl we have to touch base re your wedding hun. I have to get to you some samples and we have a good old chin wag and sort out exactly what you want in these invites.... sorry I have been so preocuppied with the wedding expo and you did say your wedding wouldn't be till next year. I am still on to it ok!!!

Oh and I went to put my painting clothes on in the weekend too to do some painting and they used to be sooo tight on me that I would never wear them anywhere but at home and so I went and put them on and started laughing and hubby came upstairs to see what the hell I was laughing at and saw that they were sooo big that I couldn't even let them go because there was no belt to keep them up soooooo funny and made me realise how far I had come. So here is the photo...

So there you are... the pants that used to really really tight look sooo loose on me now and I could not keep them up he hehe

Good night everyone



Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy,
Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know I've got the flu and a trip to Hamilton is not looking good at the moment. I'm in Auckland housesitting, while my parents are down at the bach but I'm so stuffed up with a headcold and don't feel like doing anything except hibernating.
I am not 100% sure what my work schedule will be like, but should be able to fit a visit in even after I've returned to work next week as I won't be doing a full 5 days.
Take care, your sounding well. All the best with the expo. I will have my fingers crossed that you make alot of contacts that lead to orders.

Christine said...

Hey! Great picture - there's room in those pants for someone else!! Just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you - I have been using Google Reader and for some reason its not showing your updates - so I just stoppe by and looks like I have some catching up to do! Take care! You're doing great.

sandie_bee said...

that photo is just FANTASTIC!!!
very inspiring. :o)

Lyn said...

hey chickey, just touching base with you. I'm the same as Christine, using google reader and because your's is a private journal it doesn't come up.

Sounds like youre doing really well, very proud of you!!!

fitcat said...

Wooo, that's heaps of exercise, you're on fire! And that photo is amazing. :)

I hope you have a good week and I know that you'll go just great at the expo so don't feel down about it all, if anything you'll probably end up with onhe of the best looking and very professional stand!

Felicity said...

painting clothes pic is great EXCELLENT