Monday, 16 July 2007


I found this while reading today and thought it was quite interesting

What Goes Up Must Come Down

It is not just walking uphill that provides benefit. Walking downhill has its advantages as well. Doctors in Austria examined two groups of people.

One group walked up hills and took a tram to the bottom; the other group took the tram up and walked down. The researchers were not expecting much from the downhill walking and were surprised to find that it significantly lowered blood sugar levels, a risk factor for Type II adult-onset diabetes.

Uphill walking lowered triglycerides-- fat in the blood, a risk factor for heart attacks-- but did not have the same sugar-lowering effect as downhill walking. Both groups experienced lowered cholesterol levels, the uphill group more so than the downhill. Researchers concluded that the practice of walking downhill is a good starting point for people who are new to exercise.

I suppose when you look at it... it is walking whether you go up or down hill. So as long as we are getting out then that is the main thing.

I am focussing on walking in the last month and getting out there whether it is raining or not. I started out with my steps averaging 5,000 a day for most days but now my average is 7000 a day and I am soooo pleased with myself. I am not at the 10,000 steps yet but I am getting there.

I want to get this weight off but I am doing something wrong or as my hubby says I am doing something right to maintain like that. So at least I am not gaining heaps and heaps aye that is the main thing.

I am not too sure what I will weigh this week. I have been a little relaxed on the food etc but I have been tracking and some days are way up and some are right on track. I can never tell what I am going to loose or gain each week as my body is strange.

So my walking has been up and this week my exercise has been:

Wednesday - 1 hour kickboxing,

Thursday - Indoor rock climbing (arm work)

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - Walked around the lake 4km and biked 5.5km

Sunday - Walked with hubby 40 minutes and biked with the boys about 6km

Monday - Have already done 4,000 steps and I have kickboxing tonight so that will take it up.

My week hasn't been too bad exercise wise.

I have tracked this week again... I have slacked in the last couple of weeks with the tracking so I am back on track now and this week was tracking but not worried about the points as such to make myself realise what I am eating and how I am going to get back on track.

So from Wednesday I am going to be keeping totally to my points and see what the difference is. When I have my exercise and my tracking down to pat then I will be a happy camper again.

I so want to lose 400 grams this week but to be all honest I don't think it will be a loss.. it will be again. I am doing this yoyo again and cannot get in to those bloody teens and the only one to blame is me and I know that.

I also have stopped blogging and that isn't helping either. I have to find a happy medium.

I don't know what to say in my blogging and I want to talk about day to day but then to be honest I can't be bothered when I work all day and then trying to get the invites done for the expo and holding back when I want to say things... this is all something I have to work on.

I want more!!! I want to read about weight loss constantly lately and I don't want to read statistic but I want someone that is going through the same things as I am. Some one to tell me do this and do that... I know I know that isn't a good way to do it... but when I first started blogging I would read blogs and it would motivate me and I had so much gumption to get this weight off and now I am in limbo and I know I have said this so many times before but I don't know how to get my act together and no one but me is to blame... I do know this. I do! just finding it hard.

I have a new blogging friend and this is her blog we do the same job but with different regions and I met her last week she is a lovely person and we have so much in common apart from she is sooooooo young (the lucky beeearch) wish I had my time again he he he. So please go over and support her.

How do you count calories.. I have been doing points for soooo long that how the hell does anyone know what calories are in a banana or apple or stuff that don't have the nutritional stuff on the back. It is sooo confusing. That is why I keep going back to points. Then how do you know what the points calculate to in calories too... it is such a strange thing. I want to know more but can't work it out.. dumb I know but it intrigues me.

Ok I am rambling but I am going to ramble more when I get back from Kickboxing because I need to ramble today he he he.

Love Chubbymum


Chris H said...

Sorry I can't help you with the yo-yoing, I'm doing it too! I am trying not to focus on what the scale says so much and just live my life the best I can, be healthy and get fitter. It is all good. Glad you enjoyed kickboxing so much, woo hooo ! Funny, my Dad's anniversay is next month, will be 7 years too!

Tania said...

I think it's winter! There's something about this damn cold weather that makes it harder to drink water, exercise, not to mention the hunger, I know it's affected me more this winter than ever before.

I think the important thing to remember (and it's easy for me to say this to other people, much harder to apply it to my own journey) is that when the journey is a long one sometimes you need to have those slow periods. Because having the breaks where you lose less or just maintain is what sustains the longevity of the journey.

So many of your experiences are similar to my own, even now i'm around 116kgs when I was nearly in double digits in October 2004! But what's the point in beating myself up about it?

As you know i've recently discovered that I NEED to blog more often and read other blogs more often - I think we can get little bits and pieces of motivation from so many different people and all those bits and pieces added up makes us more determined and gives us the belief that WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

One hour, one day at a time! I really should practice what I preach ... lol

Livy said...

You are doing so well! Stay positive Mandy, you are doing all the right things, look how far you have come!

WeeeSplat said...

You're an inspiration to us all dude... you have come so far... you'll be looking like one of them stick people in no time!! If you want to count calories try
I know it's amercian but it will give you a general idea.

And I'm not THAT young... geesh. I Is all growded up :)

Lyn said...

There's a website you can go to, to get calories ... i think it's or maybe

I've put on my pedometer for the first time today in weeks. I think I'm finally properly back on the wagon again ... hopefully! ;o)

Name: Lynise said...

Well Mandy, I always say to give credit where credit is due and your exercising has been fantastic. You are moving and sticking to your walking, so to average 7000 steps (up from 5000) is nothing to sneeze at.
The weathers been downright miserable so you should be so proud of yourself for continuing to priortise some form of movement daily. This has been a real struggle for me (over the holidays) so a huge 'well done' for sticking with it.

Lee-Anne said...

Hey huney, I think you're doing fantastic. Averaging 7000 steps a day when you sit down for most of it means you are doing that bit "extra" to move.
You keep going, keep thinking positive.

Start thinking, I'm going to lose 400 gms......