Thursday, 26 July 2007

Kilo be away with you

Today has been a good day.

I refused, cake, muffin and quiche and OMG a V... went to my weekly afternoon tea with friends and I did well in saying no to all the yummy treats.


3 Weetbix


1 tsp sugar

Morning tea

Pretzels (small handful)


4 CruskitsTuna (tomatoe and basil)

Cottage Cheese





Afternoon Tea

Mocha Frappe (with water no milk and no cream)Peach







I have this kilo to get off before next week and I AM GOING TO DO THIS....

Felicity you are on!!

I am feeling so positive about it this week.... It is very hard for me to lose more than 500 grams a week but this week it feels right.

I don't have other things like my business to concentrate on and it will happen.

Spent the morning taking Quinn to the doctor as he had one of those ingrown boil thingy (like you had Janene) on his elbow (Corbin had it on his knee last month and I had it on my leg the month before grrr). The doctor said that when you have dry skin it doesn't help either because where the cracks are they get dry and then it can get infected and it is contagious... so we have this special cream so we can stop the cracks in our elbows etc (Luckily it has been months since I have had one but they are nasty B's). So he got antibiotics for that.

I also had to see her about a couple of things for me too and I had my blood pressure taken OMG she did it twice with an electronic one and it wouldn't read so by the third one I was imagining that it was up... when I was bigger it was usually really bad at 160 over 90 but today (even after three times) it was 145/80 so I was really happy with the change. Still not good but better than it was before.

She also took my weight and her scales said 122 (grrr told her I wasn't happy with her scales) but mind you her scales said I weighed 160.4 when I first started this journey yet the WW scales said 154.7. It is a great loss though from her scales as they said a 38.3 kilo loss wohooo me. But I have only lost 34 kilos as far as I am concerned so it put me on a little bit of a high.

Hubby sat at his laptop last night for 2 hours and afterwards printed out a list of things I am to eat this week... so it will be interesting how this week goes with the food list. He wrote what is for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. So as you can see by the food above that is what he has told me that I am eating and I must say I have not felt hungry at all and by the end of dinner I am as full as a pig he he he.

Hubby gone out tonight to a school thing for our youngest where the teacher is explaining the school interenet and how to get in to the class forum and pages... and they are talking about wiki's ???? and then he is off to Trivial Pursuit with his friends to win more bar tabs he he he so I am going to put the boys to bed and do some digital scrapbook pages... I miss creating just normal things and not to sell... it is a great week for relaxing and doing what I want.

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow... really not knowing what I want done.... thinking maybe I will just get a trim as I need it. I asked hubby if he thought I should get it cut short again and he said that he likes it this length but wouldn't want it shorter at the moment... so hey I think I might go with that at the moment until it bothers me anyway.

I brought the Harry Potter book today.... I haven't read the Half-blood Prince yet and I am half way through that at the moment. We have the 4 dvd's and when the next one comes out I will get it. I do like watching them and the boys and I have watched them heaps of times so it isn't like we wouldn't. The books are just getting bigger and bigger that it take forever to read for people like me who are slower at reading.

I can't wait to hit the teens... it is soooo close that I can taste it! I know I have been saying it for months but I just want to get there. I have been getting so many compliments lately about how great I am looking and I want to say... I have not lost anything in ages... it has only been 1 kilo in 6 weeks but apparently hubby said that my shape has changed so hey I will take it aye.

Ok... so off to do some digital scrapbooking

Love Chubbymum


Kate said...

Oooh make sure you show us what you make!!

Oh hey.. I have a new link for you.. not sure if you've seen this blog yet, but worth checking out..

Chris H said...

Can't wait to see you next week, hope you get a nice haircut.... love the scrapbooking page!