Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Weigh in - 25 July 07

Weigh in day at home

Loss/Gain: Gain 300 grams
Current weight: 120.7 kgs
Total loss: 34.0 kgs

Small challenge: 119.9 kgs
Started: 12 June 07
How much to go: 800 grams

OK so I gained 300 grams. This week has been a nightmare for me and to be honest the food wasn't my first priority with the Wedding Expo etc so I have to now focus on the weight loss and see what I can do. I can't seem to stop myself from going 120.7 to 120.3 and back and down GEESH ME.

I started off well today and was very proud.... OMG was I wanting Burger King today... not that I wanted it just that my mind wanted me to go and get it GEESH... so I started driving towards it and thought NO I don't need this for lunch so I drove an extra 10 minutes in the opposite direction and got Sushi instead. I was proud that I got sushi instead of Burger King for lunch... a much healthier option that is for sure.

So far my food is:

3 weetbix

Morning Tea

6 pieces of Sushi

Afternoon Tea
Mocha Frappe (done with water and no cream)

Mashed Potatoe

I am trying to not make excuses for how crap I am at losing the weight these last couple of weeks but to be honest I didn't give a flying F** (smack hand) the last week on what I was eating. I really tried hard with the exercise and making my steps be more than I have done but the food went on the wayside.

Steps this week:
60,825 - 39.5 km

So I am soooooo proud of my walking but the food let me down. We had quick dinners so I could get things organised and on Saturday we had KFC and I can't say I loved it as it has been 2 years since having it but it was nice for a change.

This week

  • Portions are coming down..
  • Water to be drunk
  • Only 2 V's this week
  • Track

So they are my goals for the week.

I don't want to stay at the size I am anymore but I also don't have the motivation either.. and I think a lot of you out there are having the same problem. The thing I am finding that I am happy about is that I am not gaining more than a couple of hundred grams so I know how to maintain so that is a good thing to know for when I get to goal. Now is the challenge to get rid of some more.

9 Day until the Xmas Function... so I have to get my A in to G and lose 1 kilo!! I have to be in the teens by then... I just have to!!!

Love ya all



Helena said...

omg it was soooooooo exciting reading your post about the expo - how bloody exciting and nerve wracking for you - so very pleased it went well and it looked amazing ... I'm with you, I think your friend should have had more to display ... I love the colours you used and of course you all colour co-ordinated as well ... incredible!

Chris H said...

OOO just got the goosebumps.... Christmas Party is looooooming and I'm feeling nervous! I am sure you can lose 1 kilo by then mate.

Felicity said...

ggeeeezzzeee I knew the party was close but wow 9 days that is like only next week wow...I've saying I'm goin to P/N next th it seemed liek ages away but wow its nearly here.

I challenge u to a kilo off by then

my blog - said...

Hey CM, great to see the photos from the expo, it sounds like you could have a lot of work coming your way very soon!

Rachel said...

Bugger about the gain mate but you have had 1000 things on this week and now the expo is over you can concentrate on the weightloss.

Can't wait to see ya chicken.

Lyn said...

Chris nervous??? yeah right!!! lol

Love the goal setting chick!! Yayya we are gonna have a blast at Chris's... hope your ready to party!!!!!!!!