Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Weigh in 18 July 2007

Weigh in day at home

Loss/Gain: Gain 100 grams

Current weight: 120.4 kgs

Total loss: 34.3 kgs

Small challenge: 119.9 kgs

Started: 12 June 07

How much to go: 500 grams

Ok a little upset with that because I did track and I did my exercise grrrr but at least it is only 100 grams. I did say last week that I should have gained and I lost so maybe I am a week behind myself and next week will be a good one...

I mean all I am asking for is 500 grams... how hard could that be?

I was gutted... so was hubby as he gained 100 grams too... so at least I know that it wasn't just me as we eat the same thing and do the same exercise... so I am pleased with that.

It is only 11 am and I have done 3134 steps and I have a sit down job so I am pleased with that.... and I am going to kickboxing tonight and also taking the boys to soccer today.

I am gutted about it but I know that I have gained a huge amount of weight and I suppose at least I know I can maintain aye... and that is the main point that I am not going to gain back so much weight that it takes me twice as long.

I just want to justify what I have done these past two weeks...

One positive thing... I went in another notch on my belt.

When I brought these jeans in June I got a belt and I was on the first notch (just btw) it was a little tight and now I am on the third notch so I am going down in centimeters. I should have taken my measurements.

Next week on Wednesday I will take my measurements.. this week with the expo it is a little stressful.

Well last night I managed to do 2 wine bottle labels for the expo, a sign for my pin board, finish my scrapbook album of the invites that I am not using in my picture frame and hubby and I did a letter to the realestate guy re pricing for bottle labels... so I am pleased with last nights work.

Tonight is putting the invites on the picture frame, desiging a bottle label for a client on a Moet bottle argghhhh don't want to smash that.... and doing some hand outs for brides to be to take at the expo... oh and of course going to the kickboxing class OMG.

Anyway it is my lunch time soon... gotta go...

Love ya all



celtic_girl said...

Sorry about the gain, I know the disappointed feeling. But hey try and look at the funny side of 100 grams. 100 grams is nothing in the the whole scheme of things, a bee's dick,a fanny fluff etc lol!

Christine said...

Yeah - that 100 grams is a wee piddle in the pot. I wouldn't get down. Take care of yourself!

Felicity said...

bumer about the gain girl but wow u are one busy chickie babe I beat ya have warn that piddly bit off by now.

Anne said...

The others have summed up that piddly little gain - put it behind you.

Not long now until the expo!! Exciting for you.

WeeeSplat said...

what's 100g compared with what you have already lost??!! And what you have yet to lose?? :P

Livy said...

You are doing so well Mandy. These tiny gains are not even worth mentioning! I would have gotten off the scale and weighed again the next day. You have lost an enormous amount of weight. Well done!

Tania said...

Gaining is the worst feeling especially when you worked so hard for the week! But it is a small gain, remember that and keep focussed for the week ahead - I think you're doing great! And congrats on the belt - they're the sort of reminders we need.

tracy said...

Just popping in to day "have a great weekend".

Lee-Anne said...

If you got on the scales today the gain would probably be gone. Why don't you just look at how close you are to the teens.

I'm sorry lovey but I don't think we'll be over for the expo. I'm so so sorry. But we've decided to make this a special weekend with Krystal as its our last and to let her choose what she wants to do.

I am sure everything is going to be fantastic and you'll learn so much for the next time. Much success for this weekend and I'm looking forward to reading all about it.