Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Weigh in day - 4 July 07

Weigh in day at home

Loss/Gain: Gain 100 grams (TOM too)

Current weight: 120.7 kgs

Total loss: 34.0 kgs

Small challenge: 119.9 kgs

Started: 12 June 07

How much to go: 800 grams

Ok... so I gained but I honestly think with having my T.O.M that is an ok gain. I expected it because usually I gain when having my monthly.

So I have 800 grams to get to the teens and it is going to happen this month... I just know it!

My mini goal is to be at 118.9 kgs before I go to ChrisH's place for Xmas dinner so let's get that 1.8 off in 4 weeks.

I have to get my backside in order.

Feel like I have given up everything lately. Now I need to be introducing more back in to my life.



Chris H said...

I am going to try to lose 4 kgs in the 4 weeks till my PARTY!!! I am sure if I can try for 4, you CAN DO 1.8 !!! You can I just know it mate.

Rachel said...

No worries about the gain mate, I ALWAYS put on THAT week. Next week will be a cracker :)

So your friend and wife's break up and nastiness is all over another women? WOW she must be really something for him to turn his personality inside out for her and treat his kids they way he is.
Does she have or want kids?

Men are so stupid sometimes and let their dicks rule their heads....dumb, dumb, dumb!

In 10 years when his kids are grown (and remember all this) and the new girl has long gone, he is gunna regret what he is doing.

Abba said...

You will do just fine. I heard a great way to lose the back side is dancing. How fun is that?

Lee-Anne said...

Be positive and look ahead because you can do it mate. Go girl.

Wanna_B_slim said...

well done on only gaining 100g at TTOM... thats pretty good aye...

Felicity said...

Geeze Louise I wont recognise you great goal girl I am just happy to stay same these days.happy isnt the right word though