Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Weigh in - 11 July 07

Weigh in day at home

Loss/Gain: Lost 400 grams
Current weight: 120.3 kgs
Total loss: 34.4 kgs

Small challenge: 119.9 kgs
Started: 12 June 07
How much to go: 400 grams

Well I am really pleased with the loss of 400 grams. I figure if I lose 200 grams a week and I get more then I am happy with that because it is a loss and not a gain aye.

Since leaving Weight Watchers 5 weeks ago I have only gained once... so that is great aye. Ok it hasn't been a lot of weight I have lost but it is a loss and I am not in this for a race.... I am in this to change my lifestyle and to take it off for ever and NO WAY am I going to get back up to the almost 160's EVER EVER EVER AGAIN.

Only 400 grams to get to the teens... and it better be off before I come down to ChrisH's place. We got confirmation yesterday that our room is all booked and ready for us WOOHOOOO... it is going to be great.

I haven't worked out what I will get for the Xmas presents yet OMG that is a hard thing to do. Also food hmmmm.... we don't have a kitchen in our room so that will be interesting too but I am sure there is something I can take etc he he he will be a challenge.

I had a crap day yesterday and couldn't even write in here. Got to work feeling wonderful and then at morning tea my son phoned (now he doesn't usually) and then said "hold on mum nana can talk now" which worried me.

Apparently mum's sister in law phoned from Bermuda (where most of my family is because I was born there and so were my parents etc) to say that Mum's sister was in hospital as she had 2 mini strokes and she can't talk as everything is slurred (this sister just came out of an operation 10 weeks ago where they took out one of her kidneys).

Now that isn't all..... at the same time telling her about her sister found out that mums brother in law died and also that one of mums best friends died... so as you can tell she was not in a good mood.

So I finished work and went home as she had the kids and spent the day at home... was not a happy place.

So the story is.. mums sister who had the stroke and mums brother in law were once married (still friends though it wasn't a terrible break up) and a week ago they were all together for their daughter's wedding. So the poor kids have their mum in hospital and their dad just died and they both live in different countries. OMG imagine that...... The stroke happened before her ex died so that wasn't the reason she had a stroke.

I am travelling down to Rotorua today for a business meeting with one of the new girls down there. The bosses in Auckland suggested that I go down and help her out and I might be able to help her out. OMG so they are paying for travel and for lunch woohooo... She sounds really nice in her emails... it will be great to catch up with her.

I have my mother in law looking after the kids and I am taking my mum down to get her out of the house and she is going to shop while I am there. Then straight back home as my mother in law has things to do when I get back ho hum. Would have been good to stay down there for a while and catch up with people grrrrr oh well I suppose it is great that she is looking after them at all....

Will tell you all when I get back from Rotorua today.

Love Chubbymum


Rachel said...

Another loss, excellent news mate!

You are doing so well and I can tell with your writing that you seem much more relaxed which seems to be paying off.

See ya in under 4 weeks....yay!

Chris H said...

woo hooo another loss, small but significant eh? They all add up. Hell, I havn't even given the Xmas present a thought yet!! OOOO better pull finger eh?

Helena said...

Hope Rotovegas was awesome and you didnt get too caught up in the atrocious weather the country is having at the mo! Sorry to hear about the family, nothing worse for your mum being so far away from everyone - what a cool thing you did taking her with you for something different. You are such an awesome person mate.

Jules said...

Your poor Mum, lot's of stress and loss for her!!

Sorry I don't comment much, I always forget to check on you password chicks as you don't come up on my bloglines.

Hope you are feeling well.

Lyn said...

You are doing so well!! Congrats honey!!

Anne said...

Lots going on with your family at the mo - very hard for your mum.

Well done on another loss and hey -you are doing it by yourself! Great work!!

Lee-Anne said...

400gms is a fantastic loss.

Hope you had a good trip to Rotorua. I hear only the nicest people live there.

Your poor mum, it's a bit of shock, it's always harder to deal with loss when you are in another country.

Born in Bermuda!!!!! Now that's interesting.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done on another loss...
Really tough time at the mo in your family..I am sorry to hear that...
Take care and i hope you travelled safe..