Sunday, 29 July 2007

Shock for me but had to show everyone

I wanted to show this post because it makes me keep on track because when I was this big (in the first photo) I didn't realise I WAS this big. I was fooling myself. I was thinking that everyone thought how beautiful was she. I looked in the mirror and saw just my face and just thought how beautiful I was... I showed this to hubby tonight and he cringed and so did I.

I keep looking at this photo and thinking OMG what did I think?

Why did I let myself get to this?

How did I not know that I was this big?

And now... I mean ok I am not skinny and have 40 or more kilos to go but I feel like this is a happy person and this is a person that is looking after herself and her family.

I don't want to go back to January 2005!!

I am happy at the size I am at the moment but I think it is because I am able to do things that I couldn't do or wouldn't do back in 2005.

I need to start feeling unhappy at the size I am to get this weight off.... I can't keep feeling comfortable... I just can't!!!


Chris H said...

AMAZING !@%#$^@@!~ You rock mate!!!! I think I am comfortable where I am too, and that is the problem!!! We need to pull finger and get on with the 'job', imagine how happy we will feel when we get to our goal (for me AGAIN!)....

Jules said...

Wow, you look so different, it's bloody great how far you have come.

I need your start weight for the challenge. I am using my Thursday weigh in as my start so you can just do that or weigh today. Email it to me:

sandie_bee said...

BLOODY HELL WOMAN!! it just amazes me how much younger people look as the lose weight.

You are looking really good.
Well done you!

Kate said...

You'll never go back, I'm sure of it! You have what it takes to make it the whole way. I know I've told you before, but I truly believe this!

Leighanne said...

You have done so well:)

Abba said...

You were gorgeous in 2005. You were. But you are one hot mamma in 2007! Keep rockin' and rollin' with the losses!

Lee-Anne said...

You're a different girl alright. You look beautiful.

I so love your hair.

I think it will be great for all of this weekend to get together and I think it will also give us a bit motivation to knuckle down. Be great to see you again.

Oh and ah will you be bringing the gin?????

tracy said...

What a difference!! You look fabulous now & have achived so much. Apart from the weight loss, think of all the stuff you have done since you began this journey.

Helena said...

the changes are unfathomable ... just imagine the difference with another 20 gone ... bloody hell woman!

Rachel said...

Far out girl!!!!!

Those photo's are amazing, you look like a different person now and I love your hair straightened.

See ya in 4 days....yaya!

P.S. Yes I do still love ya, mwah.

Name: Lynise said...

Oh I know all about that awful feeling of looking at pic's and not liking what you see.
Last year I was in a similar situation to you, I knew I was big, but it wasn't until I saw one certain picture that the horror of how I looked hit me. (I will bring a copy of the pic with me at the weekend) I was terrified to hop onto the scales because I absolutely dreaded finding out exactly how much I weighed. I took me several months to get my head to accept that I was HUGE and the only way to fix myself was to get real and start actively doing something about it.
Man its a rocky journey sometimes.
You have done so well to have changed your life around and dispite the fact the journey isn't over yet, you are plugged into being aware of your body and what you eat, rather then just living mindlessly each day not worrying (or caring) what foods we are consuming.
See you at the weekend. (ooooooohhhh, so exciting, I can't wait)

Lyn said...

I'm so very proud of you chickey!!! Beautiful inside AND out!!!!!

celtic_girl said...

It's good to look back and reflect where we have come from. You have done a fanbloodytastic job Mandy, never doubt that hun.

Also, WTF was that bimbo woman at the gym on about, good you put her in her place.

Thanks also for you support over the past few days, it means a lot.

Christine said...

Wow. You have to be super super super proud of yourself. You have come a million miles. You deserve it all! Good for you.