Sunday, 29 July 2007

Lost for words

Weekend has been good... but nothing to really talk about.

Food was good this week... a couple of over the points but not overly. I think I might be making a loss but not too sure how much. Lets hope it is a good one but any loss would be good at the moment.

Didn't get out of bed until 12.15 today woohooo. Mum let us sleep in this morning till 10.30 and then hubby got me breakfast in bed. Burgeon (spelling?) bread with banana and cinamon on the top and put in the oven to crisp up the banana and cinamon woohooo... yummmy.

Then watched a DVD in bed with the boys (as it was pissing down with rain outside) and while they were watching that I was reading Harry Potter (the 6th book though as hubby was reading the 7th grrrr).

Went out shopping to get the unisex presents for our Christmas party next weekend and OMG OMG it is hard to find something to get.... I had such a hard time finding something.

Work tomorrow... grrrr not really wanting to he he he... want to be lazy and stay in bed again tomorrow. Not going to happen though.

OH MY I cannot think of what to write in here today so I will just leave it for now...

Love Chubbymum

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Felicity said...

yum your breaky sounds great never thought of grilling banana on bread.

darn not much point in asking you for suggestion re gift heheheh

my bags are packed and I'm ready to travel...fog in Chch on Wednesday so hope it doesn't hold up my flight to much-I got things to do and people to see hehehehe.