Monday, 7 November 2005

What a full on day it was today. We slept in till 8am (10am in New Zealand) Thought we would do the Melbourne City today and Chris and Stephen are like major walkers ARGHHH thought I would die but I did really well.

Walked to the train station which is about 4-5 kms away from their house and that was good so I got my exercise and caught the train into town. There were so many things to see. We went to the information centre first to see if we could get tickets to see the Lion King and NO we couldn’t so we tried another place and they were sold out too. But that is ok we did leave it pretty late so what do we expect he he he. Went shopping after that…everyone was going so fast in the walking and I just wanted to look at every shop but Stephen doesn’t really like shopping that much so I might go shopping on a day that he isn’t coming just so that I can go and look at things and not feel rushed. It is quite weird really… I really appreciate my hubby so much now because he doesn’t worry about the shopping he just goes and we chat while we shop which is great.

We brought so many DVD’s today because there is a great shop out here with great DVD’s as in New Zealand we would pay twice the amount they pay here so needless to say we went wild.

My feet are really sore from all the walking. We started at 9am and didn’t finish till 5pm and we only stopped for lunch for ½ an hour OMG OMG and I have been sweating like a pig too with the heat as it is much hotter here in Melbourne.

Clothes here are SOOO expensive compared to New Zealand that I am not too worried if I buy too many clothes over here but tomorrow might be good as we are going to the big Victoria Market woohooo and then to dinner at the Casino and you can imagine what else we are going to do there he he he he.

I am doing so much in the way of walking and water that I feel that I will lose weight over here.. probably not 4 kilos that I want to lose but hey at least I am getting the exercise. I can’t wear my glasses that much because I am sweating he he he. I am so happy with myself. Chris and Stephen don’t have big meals either so that is fantastic because I am not overeating.

The thing my tummy isn’t liking is that the time difference they have lunch at 1 which is 3 at home so my tummy is playing some tricks on me today but all is good.

I phoned the boys at home tonight and was crying like anything my oldest Corbin said he missed me heaps and when was I coming home and I choked. My youngest Quinn said “I was good today mum with nana and we made a cake” so that was fantastic.

I still worry that mum is ok without us there with the kids as it is a lot for a 74 year old but it is good that we can get some time away to ourselves. I brought my hubby’s anniversary present today 7 Dvd’s so he is a happy little camper that is for sure.

We are going to Dracula’s cabaret restaurant on Thursday so that should be really interesting. It looks like fun.

We saw so many interesting things in Melbourne today like the picture below with these three men at an intersection and they are made of bronze and they were so funny I had to take a photo of them.

Aren't they just interesting he he

The next photo was of people making sandcastles in the middle of Melbourne it was fascinating and OMG how amazing it was for them to do that in the middle of the city. It looks like they have just started doing them but when they are finished it will be fantastic.

The next photo is of Hubby in front of Federation square. Some of the artitecture is fantastic over here in Melbourne... What an interesting place.

Anyway that is me for today. Tomorrow it is just me and hubby and my friend Chris so it should be great and not so rushy rushy. Wohooo

Love ya all



Kris said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy it. I am so jealous right now but I missed you at the gym today it wasn't the same working out on my own and tomorrow I have to face Liz on my own arghhhh.

Philippa said...


Glad you're enjoying Melbourne! I love it here.

Ironically, I'm going to NZ next month for Christmas, so thanks for the tip that clothes are cheaper there!

It's been bloody hot here lately - I'm originally from Tasmania so not quite used to it! The 28 degree night last Tuesday was very difficult to withstand!

Looks like you're having aball, so I hope that continues!

kathrynoh said...

It was hot here today, really muggy. I hate that kind of weather. You'll love the Vic Market - great place for bargains.

Hope you win back at the cashino. Can't wait to hear what Draculas is like - always wanted to go there but never made it.

fattyboombastic said...

Hi CM! Wow, sounds like you are having a blast over in Melbourne. Thats very nice of your mum to be looking after your little babies. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.. wooo hooo!

Leighanne said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time!! How long are you here for??

My boys love those bronze

Kate said...

Sounds like you are having a blast, and still doing well with your eating and exercise - well done!!

Slim Suzy said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun. That's great!

Queen said...

Enjoy your Holiday -- thanks for the update :)

I knew you wouldn't need the seatbelt extention :):):)

Emily said...

Draculas is so cool - you will LOVE it!!!

Melbourne is awesome, I'm so pleased you're having a great break. Well done on all that walking!!!