Wednesday, 16 November 2005

I'm home

Well I got back into New Zealand at 2am this morning and didn't get to sleep till 3.30am as I was chatting with my mum and brother in law. What a relief it is to be home I can tell you. I had to start work at 7.30am this morning. I feel shattered.

What an amazing day it has been today. I put on one of my new skirts today and did my hair up nicely as I had my hair cut and coloured while I was away and I got so many fantastic comments on my look today from all the girls at work and one lady said "you always dress so nicely". I walked into the school and I had two mothers stop me (I didn't know these ladies he he he) and they said that my hair looks fantastic. OMG I didn't think my hair cut and colour was that different.

Had a major meeting back at work at 5.30 tonight... big announcement but I can't say anything until first week of December to anyone. It was a major shock but not a bad one for me so that is good. I had been worried about it all day as we were asked to come back into work at 5.30 for a all staff meeting.... geesh everytime I have had to go to a meeting like that I have been made redundant... Glad to say that wasn't the case this time.

Well while I was away Tania (my business partner for the invitations business) has been a busy lass. She has got two possiblities for wedding invitations and one is realllllly keen so we might be off on this business sooner than I thought woohoooo.

I can't wait to get back to the gym that is for sure. I have been really bad food wise with cheeses and antipasto while away. I have walked heaps but decided that I needed the holiday from food but still be sort of good. So I expect to gain on Tuesday but was good today with a salad and not overdoing it with food so hey what happens.... happens... but Yep there is a BUT! but it is my own fault if I gain but I have to get back to it. I have been doing a lot of sole searching lately and I know I will get back to it but I am not going to push myself to be up to what others are doing... I am going to get some more kilos off!!!

Back on to it tomorrow! Not too sure when I am starting back at the gym. With only 3 hours of sleep I am little bit fatigued.

Anyway good night everyone
Love Chubbymum


Philippa said...

CM, it sounds like you had a brilliant time over here!

I love your anniversary ring, what a lovely surprise! You must be feeling very special (and so you should!)

Glad that you enjoyed the holiday and were able to relax a bit with your food choices - it sounds like you didn't fall off the wagon much at all. That's what holidays are for!

Have an early night, won't you!

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

What an achievement to lose so many kilograms. Congratulations!


Karen said...

Welcome home hun!!! Sounds like you had an awesome break and it was so well deserved!

Emily said...

Welcome home! How great that you got so many nice comments on your first day home, you probably still had that special holiday glow on :-)

Jodie said...

Welcome home. Hell I wouldn't have been at work today after that effort arriving home at such an early time in the morning. Take your time easing back into it after such a fantastic holiday. I know how hard it can be but you will get there when you are ready. XX

Sue said...

Photos of the new hairdo please!

Kate said...

Yes I agree with Sue - photos please!! Glad you had a lovely time away, and LOVE your ring - you lucky thing!! :-)

M said...

Welcome home CM. It is always so nice to be home after a great holiday. Hopefully the gain won't be as bad as you think, you guys did do a lot of walking.