Sunday, 13 November 2005

Haven't been on for a while

Wow I have been doing so much since the last time I updated.

Today we went to the Dandenong Ranges today and saw some beautiful birds as shown below. It was so peaceful. We went to where there weren't too many tourists and the birds were friendlier... ahhhh so nice.

I thought they were absolutly georgeous. There is another photo of me holding one on my arm below he he he he. There is that bloody T-Shirt again. I swear I do wear other things he he he.

It was a relaxing day that is for sure. We went to the St Kilda markets and walked around there and got a lot of Christmas presents so that was excellent to get that over and done with.

We didn't manage to get on any of the rides but we went in to explore and watch all of them screaming he he he. Our boys would have loved to go on some of them that is for sure.

I think I have had enough of shopping he he he but I did enjoy being able to spend money for a change as that doesn't normally happen at home.

Christine and Stephen were out of action for Friday and Saturday as they some how how food poisening which in a way gave Jero and I a chance to spend some time together. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with them but having out wedding anniversary day and the day after was nice for us to have on our own.

I have over eaten in the last two day but have come to the conclusion that I don't really care. We haven't been on a holiday in so long and to go and do and eat things without worrying is ok. So if I gain then that is fair enough and I will just have to try harder in the next couple of weeks.

I am looking forward to getting home now to see the boys and my friends. I do miss them heaps and being in our own bed and not worrying if we want to go to bed early or just sit in PJ's for the night is something I miss. The relaxing sort of thing.

I don't know what we are going to be doing tomorrow. Christine and Stephen go back to work and we are deciding whether we are going to go into town and catch a tour bus or just relax and enjoy doing nothing hmmmm not too sure. I have accomplished everything that I set out to do here and more. So that is great!!!

We had a fabulous dinner last night. We thought we would cook for Christine and Stephen and so we did the weight watchers receipe of Chilli and Lime Chicken Skewers with Chilli Leguini (that we brought from a olive shop) OMG OMG it was just the yummiest yummiest thing ever.

And I had a FEW too many drinks with them too. I was gone by 10pm he he he as I haven't drunken so much in a long time.

Anyway if I think of anything else I will come back online later.

Love ya all


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