Saturday, 5 November 2005

My day has picked up my spirits

What a great day!

Got up early had breakfast and went and got groceries and then had lunch. Decided to get some French bread and slice it up and put tuna and tomatoes on it… it was sooo yummy.

Then went to Farmers with my mum and put $200 on her account for her birthday at the end of November so that she could buy something for herself. If I give her money she just spends it on Bingo and I want her to buy something for herself so that was a way of making sure she does.

While I was there I was sooooo naughty he he he. I couldn’t afford it but I saw some jeans (Wohooooooooooo some jeans) some of you girls that were big like me will understand how hard it is to get jeans for bigger people and these were so comfy.

And I also got some pin stripe black and brown three quarter pants (my hubby says they slim me down a lot) and a lovely brown top to go with it and a T-Shirt that had 20% off it.

OMG it felt so good. I just grabbed what I liked and went and tried them on and I liked ALL of them so thought what the hell and brought them. I know I should have kept the money for Melbourne but hey if I liked it then why not as I might not find anything in my size and nice over there that I like. I think the best thing about shopping after losing 20 kilos is that they fit!! Or they are too big!! I feel sexy now buying clothes.

We also went to the Duty Free shop to order our alcohol for when we come back in to NZ and some perfume for Tania as she is taking Corbin to and from school etc.

So now we are cooking a lovely roast pork dinner (got a big pork roast for $5 WOW as they were on special) and have some family time and then later on tonight we will let off some sparklers.

I have been good today with water and I haven’t over eaten so I feel like I am getting back on track again. I was thinking this morning that as long as I don’t ever go back under that 20 kilos that I have lost then I shouldn’t get myself so down and out. I have only gained 500 grams and I have still lost over 21 kilos and with all the walking that I will be doing over there and the heat then I will be doing good.

We go tomorrow OMG TOMORROW it is like unbelievable! Little worried about the plane trip as I haven’t been on a plane trip since 1999 when we took Corbin (at 3 weeks old) to Christchurch and you have to stop in Wellington and we hit major air pockets and rain and wind… it scared the hell out of me. Apparently after our plane had taken off they stopped all the flights after us GEESH!!!!

I know I am going to need a seat belt extension and that part is going to be the hardest thing to ask for! I don’t want to ask for it but I don’t think I am skinny enough yet to get away with it. I think that is what I have been fretting about in my mind because I don’t want to ask for a seat belt extension… I don’t want it to ruin my self esteem. Because if I have to ask for a seat belt extension then I am not as skinny as my mind is telling me…. I hope you understand that because it has taken a while for me to truly understand why in the last two weeks I have been so upset about the weight thing.

Thank you everyone for your comments. You don’t know how much they mean to me and how they make me realise that I have people out there going through the same thing and knowing how I am feeling.

Anyway since it is my last night before going away I won’t update again till later. I am taking my laptop to Melbourne so I might be able to upload to my diary at our friends house… if not………….

DON’T FORGET ME!!! I am only away for 10 days.



Karen said...

I could NEVER forget you hun as you are one amazing woman and never forget that!!!!

Kate said...

Oooh, hope you have a FANTASTIC time!! Can't wait to hear about it :-)