Saturday, 5 November 2005

2nd Post Tonight ;-)

Oh Forgot to say you know the Invitation business that I am in with my friend… well she just phoned to say we might have someone interested in us doing their wedding invitations for them. Woohoooo so we are going to meet them when I get back to decide on what they would like. OMG it has gone so fast as we only decided last week to go ahead with the little business and we have had so many people interested in what we are doing and so many possibilities.

So attached are the photos of what we decided for our business cards. We have two different coloured ones, one for Hokitika (where Tania is going for a year in November) and one for Hamilton (where I am).
The other two that I designed didn’t turn out too nice when printed as they went really dark so these look really good and they are in the colours that we both like. It is quite nice that there was a compromise and that we both got the sort of flower that represent us. Mine is the sun flower one he he he. We have given out a couple of them to my work mates that are going to be having weddings in the next couple of years he he he.

So anyway this is the second update I will leave ya with that.

Love Chubbymum


Fiona said...

wow, i havent been on your blog for a few months now and omg your doing so well 21kg loss thats great and you are looking well to.
hope your having a good weekend

Helena said...

Honey I understand completely what you mean about your airplane trip. At Christmas time when I went to Brisbane, instead of getting excited all I was doing was freaking out wondering if I was going to get my backside into the airplane seat and even more so ... would the belt do up? Mate, I was 135kg when I went to Oz and I didnt need an extension, my backside fitted ok and I got the seatbelt done up. As soon as that happened I relaxed and had the best time ever ... I know you will too! have a fantastic time *hugs*

Karen said...

Have an awesome holiday hun! I love Melbourne and am sure you will too!!! And don't fret about the seat belt extension as I am sure you will be just fine and hey if you do... what the hell - just think that next time you go on the plane - you won't! :)
See you when you get back

Hippygal said...

Have a wonderful time, even though you have proberly gone by now LOL.

Catch you on your return

Cheers Jaxx :)

Kate said...

Love them both - I don't know if you read Lyn's blog but she used to do wedding invites etc for a living (don't know if you already know) - so she may have some helpful tips. Hope you had a lovely weekend!