Sunday, 27 November 2005

Haven't been around

I haven't been around as life was getting pretty hectic with me with Quinn being sick and visiting my brother in law every night and with work and work functions... sooorrryyy. Friday night after seeing my brother in law I came home and went straight to bed at 7.45. I felt quite exhausted and really ill.

Today I finished most of my xmas shopping. I have stocking fillers to do for the kids but that is it really. Hubby and I are getting bikes for Xmas but thought we would buy ours after xmas and when I am feeling relaxed to go and try some out. I feel that if I am going to buy a bike then I have to be in the right frame of mind. I still feel really big for a bike and I don't want to spend money on a bike if I don't feel comfortable on it.

My mind has been playing tricks on me in the last couple of weeks. I have gotten out of the gym routine and finding it really hard to get the motivation to get back into it. I have still been good with the food. I haven't been tracking as such with points but I haven't been eating badly and I have not been overdoing it. But I feel like I need to get realistic about it again and get back on track. I think the holiday ruined me a little as it felt good to be normal again on holiday.

I went out to dinner with the social club for a xmas dinner last night at a Turkish restaurant and didn't overdo the food at all but alcohol was a different story.

It felt fabulous to be able to wear jeans and a nice shirt last night. I felt like a normal person. I brought some jeans from Farmers and they feel comfortable and they feel normal and last night going out with my jeans and a new black top with black shoes I felt like ohhhh I can't describe how I felt but I didn't have to wear black pants like I normally do. Relaxed is maybe the feeling?? Hubby was wearing his jeans and a black shirt too... and no we didn't look like twins but we did look like a normal couple... some people would think that I am being strange but for me the little things are the main thing.

It will be interesting to see what my weight is this week with not tracking!

How do I get my mojo back?

This weather is strange this weekend. It can't make up it's mind. One minute it is pouring down with rain and the next it is sunny but freezing outside. What is up with that?

Anyway love ya all

Love Chubbymum


Karen said...

Yay for wearing jeans to dinner!!! I am still struggling to find a nice pair that don't cost the earth and I can get the usual 4 inches or so taken off the bottom!!!!
I am sure you will be back in routine no time at all. We are all here to support you and are right behind you 110%!

Felicity said...

I am in tears reading your post my friend, wearing jeans feeling normal oh how many years have I so wanted that feeling so I can imagine your 'normal' feeling. Enjoy those feelings Enjoy those parties but remember how great it feels and don't go over board.

Emily said...

How exciting for you to be able to go out in jeans and feel normal, it is such great evidence that all your hard work is paying off.

Hope you find your mojo soon, and hope your weigh-in goes well.

Jodie said...

I understand your situation. After our 2 holidays it was even harder to get back into the routine of gym etc. I just had to do it though. Made a pact with myself to do set routine throughout the whole week and made my dear hubby promise to make me stick to it. After a week of normality the second week was easier and third was easier again. It's all about changing those bad habits we all let slide when we relax the rules a little. Be tough on yourself and the new good habits will soon form and it will be much easier. Take care. XX

Hippygal said...

Whoojoo jeans GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

Take care Jaxx

M said...

Whooo hooo for jeans. That is so cool CM. And yep, holidays are great but a bit difficult to come back from and start the grind again. It will come back to you. It will only take a couple of days of 'forcing' yourself and then you will remember how good it made you feel and off you go again. :)