Thursday, 17 November 2005



Just got back from buying a camera! I brought a Nikon SLR Digital camera with two lenses. Woohoooo. I have a normal SLR camera but it just costs too much to develop the pictures that I don't use it too much anymore so there was a big sale on here in Hamilton so we bit the bullet as to speak. I have to wait till the battery charges before I can use it but it is sooooo exciting that is for sure.

I know that we are going to be broke for ever after the holiday and then buying the camera but we would use the camera... we use our little digital camera like you wouldn't believe.

So again I am on a high!!

Once the battery is charged and I am looking like a human he he he I will take a photo of my hair cut... personally I don't find that there is anything different but people keep commenting. I haven't got my hair behind my ears and that is the only difference I reckon he he he but hey.

Went to a fish and chip night at the creche for my Quinns group and I was really good I took my own version of fish... Sushi with salmon etc he he he.. I felt really good about it... the boys all had fish and chips and I must admit I snuck a couple of crispy chips as I love the brown crispy ones but not enough to add too many points woohoo. I know that I will gain on Tuesday but hey I will start my journey again properly from next week.....not that I haven't been trying to be good though.

Love ya all



Sue said...

Looking forward to the new photo. Good on you for putting your money into something you will reaaly use.

Leighanne said...

Welcome home - the camera looks great..what a shame you have to wait so long to

Jodie said...

I would be absolutely lost without my digital camera. The best thing I ever did was buy the larger memory card. Now we have the capacity to take up to 530 photo's! I know I'll never take that many but at least I know I'm not restricted. And the photo's are so much cheaper to develop. I take my little card into Harvey Norman and their prints are only 29c each.

Emily said...

Digital cameras are just the best thing, I am in love with mine!!

I have a tip for everyone (in NZ anyway) about developing your digital pics.

Go to and download the Online Print Wizard. You can upload all your pics straight from your PC to the print wizard, it is only 32c per print (special until end of this year), and they will courier the pics to your house the next day!!! Great service, very cheap and the best quality photos!!!!

Slim Suzy said...

You will be so glad you bought the camera. Digital cameras are so great. It is wonderful being able to delete the shots you don't like. Have fun with it.

M said...

This looks like such a great camera. My Dad has a SLR Digitial and it is brilliant. Takes so many photos and so quickly that some of them look like the frames to a movie. You will have so much fun with it.

Can't wait to see some more of your Melbourne shots. Hope you have settled into being at home.

Have a great weekend CM. :)

Hippygal said...

Lucky You!!! What a cool camera...

Looking forward to some photos and can't wait till I see your hair.

Cheers Jaxx