Friday, 11 November 2005

Girly Day!

Got up earlier than all the rest this morning but it gave me a chance to check my emails etc.

Phoned home to check on things and mum was saying that Tania has been phoning everyday to check on things and that she phoned to ask mum what was happening with Corbin's glasses and said that if they have phoned to say that they are ready then she will take Corbin down there to sort it out. I said to her that we would do it when we get back but she is doing it... WHAT a wonderful friend she is. It has made being on holiday fantastic to know that friends are looking out for my family..... that is what real friends do that is for sure.

Christine and I decided to have a girly day today and the boys were going to have fun out with each other. So we headed off (in Stephen's car arghhh) to one of the big shopping malls. I have never driven in Australia before so it was a novelty that is for sure. We arrived at the mall and found a hairdressor around 12 (lunch time) and they could fit us in. We had a colour and cut and a head massage and treatment and felt like royalty that is for sure. Then we went out shopping and brought some new clothes.... it is fantasitc to finally find some big shops... wooohooo we went to 1626 and My size and I brought 2 skirts, 2 singlets, and top from 1626 and it was fantastic. I can believe that I brough 2 skirts as I am not usually a skirt person but hey. They had a pink and a white one that the girls loved on me but I am not really a pink person and I always feel really big in white but apparently these looked fantastic so heyyyyyy.

Thanks Kathryn for the names of shops... he he he we managed to find them before I read your comment... BUT thanx. This weather is amazing.. it is like 3 seasons in one day. I enjoyed today being cooler than the last couple that is for sure.

Anyway back on track...

We got home to get dressed for our night out at Dracula's and it was the most amazing time and the atmosphere was fantastic.... I haven't laughed so much in my whole life.... the show was fantastic! The staff were fantastic and the food as well. We laughed so much I think I have sore tummy now he he he. I will post the photo tomorrow if I can work out how to take a photo of the photo he he he. We finished there at about 11pm. I would recommend them for anyone that wants a really good night! It was only $55 and it was worth every penny of it. You get a three course meal and a show as well and so worth it.

It is now 12.48 in the morning and we are watching Rocky Horrow Picture show.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone. Will hopefully catch you on Saturday as tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and won't be taking my laptop with me :-(

Love ya all


fattyboombastic said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome day at the mall. Yes you do feel like royalties while being at the hairdressers, I often get my hair done when I have $$$$$ and its such a nice feeling. 1626 is an awesome shop, wish I could revisit that shop. It sounds like you and Christine had a blast of a day. Enjoy the rest of your day in Melbourne!

Leighanne said...

Big shopping centre - sounds like you went to highpoint!!
Glad to hear you are having a great time!
Happy anniversary:)

M said...

Happy Anniversary CM. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful time. Once again our lives are so close LOL.

I hope you have an enjoyable relaxing day and will catch you on Saturday :)

Lee-Anne said...

Happy Anniversary CM. You and hubby look so relaxed and happy.

I went to the Draculas show in the Gold Coast. Absolutely brilliant. I too recommend it.

Continue shopping and say hi to M for us.

fitcat said...

Priceline is the best shop ever! Hehe, my friend and I can spend over an hour in there just looking at everything. It sounds like you're having so much fun and you're looking FANTASTIC!!

Hope the rest of the holiday goes well and have a great wedding anniversary. :)

Jodie said...

Sounds like you are having a ball. Hoping the rest of the holiday is just as good. XX

Me said...

You are sounding so positive and like you are having such a good time - I hope that you really enjoy the rest of your holiday !
Take care and have a great weekend !

Kathryn said...

I really want to go to Dracula's!! At least I know that some has been and enjoyed it :)

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary hun! Hope you have an awesome day! :)
And yes both My Size and 1626 are fantastic shops as I have got clothes from both of those stores... I should have thought of those earlier and emailed you but at least you found them! Which shopping centre did you go to?
Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday...

Queen said...

I am so glad you're having a wonderful time. Don't worry about the weigh-in thing, deal with it when you come home. YOU HAVE EARNED this holiday. And remember, you're doing a LOT of walking!!