Friday, 4 November 2005


Very busy day!

Very emotional night!! Sitting here angry with myself because I don’t know!!! I do know but don’t know!

I was doing so well with this weight loss and now I don’t… can’t be bothered! I try to be positive but it isn’t working!

It is not happening fast enough! I feel like I am failing in the last month! With my back being out I haven’t done exercise in 6 days and I am lethargic and angry! I can’t do anything until my back is better or it will never get better!

I feel like I am constantly wishing I was skinny! Sick of being bigger than everyone else!

Hating everything at the moment



Slim Suzy said...

Please remember that it can be slow at times but if you stick at it - IT WILL HAPPEN. Look at all the weight you have already lost. You have done an amazing job already and slowly but surely you will get to your goal.
Unfortunately you do need to rest your back so it can recover and then you can concentrate on doing your exercise.
I hope you feel happier tomorrow and I am thinking of you and hoping your back recovers quickly.
Until then take care of youself and try to be happy.

Me said...

I have to agree with everything that Suzy said - if you stick with it it will happen. I know how hard it is to stick with something when you have just had enough but you need to try to look further down the line to what you want to achieve and then just try to take it one meal at a time.
Hang in there - have a wonderful holiday and get back refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to kick some serious butt !!
Take care, look after yourself and lotsa hugs to you !

Hippygal said...

Hey - have just left a tag with Kris as well. On the 18th I do a next drop of with the kids in Hamilton - about 5.30ish pm. Do you want to catch up after that. Am not sure if you are back from holidays then though.....

Let me know.....

Hey just relax - and enjoy your holiday :):)

Cheers Jaxx

(And 2 years WOW - but I suppose I have been with SFL since nearly day 1, 5 years ago I think).

Sue said...

Big hug for you CM. Hope you can see your way through this tough time.

Karen said...

Hang in there hun! Like everyone else has said these things do take time! I mean look at me... not quite 20 kilos in the lost TWO years (and 6 of those since Jan this year)!!! That is slow but the main thing is NOT giving up but just taking things one day at a time and YOU WILL get there! You just gotta face each hurdle as you get to them and no journey is complete without hurdles!
*big hugs*

Anne said...

I really feel for you at the moment - just try to take one day at a time. Also jog your memory about how you felt 21k's ago. Hang in there - you can do it!