Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Another nightmare of a day

Another nightmare of a day for me.

Quinn was not himself at creche today and I was worried about him all day. He said he had a headache so (I was working at the creche today) we gave him panadol. Then by the afternoon he had a temperature of 38.9 which worried the hell out of me. Got him to the doctors at 4.30 and he has an ear infection and tonsilitis GRRR poor wee man he was all pale and realllllly hot and he just wanted to be cuddled.

I told Kris that I wasn't going to the gym tonight because he was just not in good shape. I did go up and see my brother in law though because hubby made me feel a little guilty as I didn't go up last night to see him. So went up tonight and he is looking so much better but the poor thing everytime he wants to move it hurts him so much that he is in agony and his friend went to check out his Ducate Motorcycle and apparently it is a right off and in pieces OMG OMG. He wasn't insured as it had lapsed about a month ago and he couldn't afford to keep it going as he has only just gotten back to work after getting back to NZ.

Food wise I have been really good but not going to the gym will hinder me a little but to be honest this last week has been too much for me and the gym is just too much to fathem at the moment.

I should be going tonight but worried about Quinn and my brother in law I am feeling too much like sitting in my bed and crying my head off. I am feeling overwelmed REALLY overwelmed this week. I know that I have been on a holiday and I should be feeling on top of the world but my world feels like it has crashed in to a heap in the last week and I can't control it.

So my exercise will have to get back next week. I am not in a race with people so one week shouldn't be a problem. I am not giving up that is for sure! I am just being realistic in the fact that my life has to have some balance again before going back to the same routine.

I can't wait to do these wedding invitations. I also have another little thing happening at the moment and I might be going into business with someone but me as a silent partner and it is a big thing... it will be up at the new shopping complex the base. It is all int he drawing board at the moment but you never know. Being a silent partner (moneywise) we can still keep our jobs but have a little nest egg going as well. But all will happen when it happens.

Anyway I have just had a bourbon and coke to relax me and now I will go and organise dinner as the kids are asleep and we can relax now. So if this page doesn't make sense it is because my hands are relaxed and I am feeling GOOD he he he he.

Love CM

P.S Kris thanks for understanding about tonight... I am sorry to let you down but I couldn't leave Quinn with a temperature like that. LoVe ya my Friend.

P.S.S Happy Birthday Janine. I sent you an email this morning and I hope you got it.


Karen said...

*hugs* hun! Yes family do come first in these situations!
Hope Quinn is feeling better real soon! Make sure you look after yourself too!!!

Kris said...

Don't worry about the gym. The truth is I wasn't that worried about going tonight anyway I was going more to support you so I'm not worried so you shouldn't be either. But you don't get out of Friday night lol. I hope Quinn is feeling better soon.

Kate said...

Awww gosh!! I just read all the things that have been happening for you - you poor thing! Not the nicest things to happen when you just get home from a lovely holiday away. The first week back at work after a holiday is always exhausting even without all the extra pressure you have been under. Argh! Hope your wee man is feeling better very soon, poor little thing, and I hope your brother in law is on the mend (big bummer about the bike and no insurance!).
Don't feel guilty for taking a bit of time to take care of yourself, it's what you need!
Sending you some big hugs!!!

Emily said...

Hope little Quinn is feeling better soon.

Your poor brother in law, not only for his injuries, but the loss of his lovely Ducati too - such a shame about the insurance :-( He must be feeling devastated by that.

Look after yourself, and don't worry about missing the gym, I'm sure you will make up for it soon!

M said...

Hope Quinn feels better soon. And you too. *hugs*

Jodie said...

I hope poor Quinn is all better now. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow! XX

michelle said...

don't worry about feeling have had a lot to deal with an dare probably still shook up afetr the BIL accident. Try to get some rest and things should be a bit better once Quinn improves.

Brelle said...


Wow its hard when so much is happening in life all at the same time.

Take a deep breath and make sure you look after yourself at this time:O)


Leighanne said...

Hope Quinn is feeling better!!
Don't stress about the exercise - as you said a week won't hurt:)

Natural Jules said...

Life just keeps throwing us these curve balls. The best thing - when we are thinner we will be in a healthier position to cope with it. Silly as it may sound, the body copes better with stress if functioning at it's prime. Keep your chin up love and count the blessings that you do have.

Slim Suzy said...

Hope little Quinn is much better and all is well now.

Karen said...

Hi hun
I do hope all is well with Quinn and that things are going ok. Missing your updates... take care and hope to catch up soon :)