Tuesday, 22 November 2005

First Weigh in since coming back

Hey hun

Well today was a really fast and interesting day. My work asked me to come in and relieve in the under two year olds today and so I agreed. OMG I was a little nervous especially when I am their financial administrator but with having two kids hey I know about kids. I had a fun day today with the babies. It went really fast and I enjoyed talking to the girls in there and I loved the babies. But..... it makes me realise that I DO NOT want to go through the baby stage again that is for sure.

I was buggered when I got home though and I think the last week has just caught up on me.

Well anyway I went to Weight Watchers tonight and I had so many people come up to me saying they missed me and just LOVED my hair and I looked so rested and content and I should go on holiday more often. It was great being back there that is for sure. I have made some good friends there and I feel like they understand what I am going through that is for sure.

I went there tonight all ready to gain weight as I knew that I had been bad with not tracking for part of the holiday and the alcohol was not good either he he he but hey it was a holiday. So I hopped on the scales and I lost 400grams he he he OMG 400grams I just couldn't believe my eyes that I had lost. I am so pleased with that. And I got my monthly this morning and I have gained all other monthly's by 300grams to 600grams so with having my monthly I still lost too wohooo.

So tomorrow is back on track time. I went on a holiday and lost weight now I wouldn't have believed that in a million years before going on weight watchers.

Anyway going now as I am ready for bed... got to start catching up on my sleep.

Love ya all


Karen said...

Yay for losing weight whilst on holiday hun! Must have been all that walking I am sure of it as I lost weight whilst in Melbourne (and Sydney) earlier in the year and I swear it was all the walking that did it!
Yay for compliements too.... you are looking good and don't ever forget that!

M said...

Congratulations on the loss this week. This is just the most fantastic thing to hear after a holiday. Well done :D

Jodie said...

Well done!!! That is fantastic. Just shows you know exactly what has to be done and how to achieve it. Your dedication to this has paid off and your rewarded with a loss. Congratulations. XX

Sue said...

Yippee for the loss!

A Girl Running said...

wow - you lost weight on holidays? That is amazing

yay you

Queen said...

Congrats on your Holiday LOSS! I'm so glad you continued this journey!! And the new clothes and new hair and well, you're a whole NEW girl! Your YEAR mark is coming up and LOOK at all you've done.

I'm proud of you, CM! :)

{ the.Moranbah.Scrapper } said...

that is so good that u lost while on holidays!!! it just goes to show that you can have fun while not making a guts out of yourself :) have a great week!

Leighanne said...

Congratulations on losing while on Holiday - must be the melb air..lol

Isn't it fun to play with babies and give them back:)