Saturday, 19 November 2005

Motorbike Accident

Today started really well with taking Quinn to the Zoo for a girls birthday party and he was the only boy and then Corbin, hubby and I went to the Hamilton Gardens to take photos of the rose show on there it was fantastic with the new camera and Corbin was having soooooo much fun with our old camera and he took some really good photos.

But at lunch time we got a phone call from hubby's mother saying that the police have just been to see her and my brother in law has been in a motorbike accident.

So we went and got hubby's mum as she was in no state to drive and when we got there I got a bit teary eyed as it brought back memories of my Dad and of him being in the HDU and then dying... so I was a little emotional. My brother in law has broken his ankle and they think he has lost one of his kidneys and his liver is damaged as well. Plus he has scraped one side of his back a couple of layers of skin. My husband and his mother aren't emotional sort of people and they were quite composed... I don't quite get it sometimes but when hubby and I were in the HDU with him he stroked his brothers head and then that set me off again... it was a really emotional thing and I knew then that he was worried about his brother.

So we came home around 4pm and had dinner and then went back for a little while and now have left him to have a rest and recoup. I hope everything goes well. He is the only brother in law I have and I wouldn't want to lose him for nothing in this world.

Eating has been ok today. Had so much fun with my camera and here are some photos.


Karen said...

Love the pics hun! And big hugs to all the family - I am sure your brother in law will be right in no time at all! :)

Felicity said...

Think of you and your family. Motor bikes I hate them everytime hbby s out on his I live in fear. These rose photos are beaut just like in a rose book well done. Also love the new one of yourself you are looking so beautiful just like the roses. HUGS.

fattyboombastic said...

I do hope that your BIL gets better.Like Felicity, I hate motorbikes.. I loss my uncle to a motorbike accident and just have never liked them since. But then again, it depends on what sort of motorbike cos dad has a quad and I dont mind that lol.. its the other kind of motorbikes I don't like. Thanks CM for the love and support, we are still here in the Kingdom. The heat had escalated to 32 degrees.. arghhh! Thank goodness for my parents air conditioner.. lol You look great in your pic in the above post.. YOU GO GIRL!! Keep it up :)

M said...

OMG. CM that is so sad. Please know that he is in my thoughts tonight and I hope that he recovers soon and all intact.

Love your photos. Your camera is definitely a great one.

You look fantastic :D