Sunday, 13 November 2005

2nd Update today

I forgot to mention that our wedding anniversary was lovely... we got a hotel for the night at the mecure and relaxed and hubby brought me a ring to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (see below) OMG OMG he has never done that before.

I was soooo happy

Needless to say I was H.A.P.P.Y

Love CM


M said...

Oh CM. That is just so gorgeous. 10 years is a great milestone in any marriage and it is great that he respects and loves you so much to show his appreciation this way.

What a wonderful holiday you are having.

Have a great day tomorrow - whatever it may bring :)

kathrynoh said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful ring and a wonderful surprise.

Hippygal said...

Congrats to you both 10 Years!!!!! And the ring is fab.

Have a wonderful time for the rest of the holiday.

Cheers Jaxx

Jodie said...

OMG it is beautiful!!!


Emily said...

OMG what a beautiful ring!! I'm so glad you had a lovely anniversay day together :-)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, sounds like you are having the best time ever - great attitude to the food while on holiday, wouldn't want your break to be ruined by the constant stress about food.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary Hun! Sounds like you had a fab nite away and that ring is stunning!!!
Oh St Kilda's market - I LOVE it there and was so bummed that last time I was there I missed it as I was not there on a Sunday!
My brother tried to get me to go on the rides there but they aren't really my scene but my neices and nephew just love going there as a special treat!

fattyboombastic said...

Happy Anniversary CM! That ring is so pretty.. :) Hopefully in another 7.5 years time, hubby can do the same for me :) Sounds like you had an awesome time, lucky you! You deserve it!! COntinue to enjoy the rest of your stay..

Slim Suzy said...

Oh, that is so beautiful and sweet of him. Happy Anniversary!

Felicity said...

10 years snap
ring bling snap
great hotel snap
Happy Anniversary my cyber friend.

Kris said...

The ring is beautiful.

PLEASE come home I need my gym buddy back.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary mate, sounds and looks like you are having a fab time - well deserved time out for the both of you - NICE WORK :) *hugs* Helena

Queen said...

Congrats on 10 years! What a milestone :) And the DH did well picking out that beautiful ring for you... He's proud of all your hard work and sharing your life w/him. He's a lucky, LUCKY man!!