Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Weigh in tonight

Well I had such a busy day today.

I have been back almost two weeks and I still feel like I haven't come down back to earth.

I went for my weigh in tonight all ready to gain weight. I haven't been tracking... I haven't been to the gym.... but I lost 100grams. I have been making better choices and not doing anything that I shouldn't but felt like I hadn't really tried. All I can say at least I lost and not gained. So I have to work my backside off this week.

I have something that I am going to try till the end of the year but I am not going to write it down here or tell anyone. It is for me.... as I have to work out what is going to do it for me so I have a project for me so I can get back to me and not everyone else in my life. I have lost sight of me in this process.

I had a really good chat with my WW team leader tonight and she has given me some things to think about.

I haven't been interested in the gym or anything related. I have a handle on my food I think.. if I didn't I would have gained this week for sure. I think my problem is water and exercise and I have to get my mojo back with it.

I have been reading Helena's diary and OMG she is going through the same thing.... I am not satisfied or something with the way I am doing things... maybe I need to find something else that will keep me going on this journey... Just like Helena I am not posting as much in my diary either and that isn't good as it isn't getting it out. So for a start I am going to try and get back to posting here and getting some of my inspiration back and to start reading the diary's again.

Love ya all


Kate said...

*Hugs* - hope things get back to normal for you very soon xx

M said...

There seems to be a lot of that going around at the moment. I think a lot of people have extra on their minds with Christmas and you and I have another birthday party to get through first as well.

I have been thinking about Sue (smallersue.blogspot.com) and how she has signed up for a triathlon. I think doing something like that would be a great way to get our / your mojo back full time as it is a goal to strive for, to train for. And something exciting too. Perhaps we should look for a little fun run to start with and build ourselves up. Perhaps one in February??

Hope you have a wonderful day, and another great week. Congratulations on the loss too - that's great news :D

Helena said...

*hugs* I hear ya sista :D

Slim Suzy said...

You had a loss, so that's good. You have been so busy and it would have been easy for you to gain weight, but you must be making some healthy choices. Good luck with getting your motivation back. You can do it!

Brelle said...


Its hard to settle back once you get home from holidays and with all the family things going on at the moment, it will take time. I only went to Sydney for a few days and really struggled to get back into a routine.

Congratulations on the loss, it all adds up

Hang in there your doing great :O)

Karen said...

Hi hun
Yeap all small losses do add up to the bigger total picture! That is something that was said to me last week when I was so angry at 3 tiny losses in a row! But the main thing is that I am losing and so are you! We can do this together and we WILL!

Queen said...

Remember what I said a LONG time ago? A LOSS IS A LOSS!

And you're continuing to do it!!


fattyboombastic said...


I know a lot is happening around this time and you have a lot going on. You'll get there once the festive season blows over. A lot of posters above have come up with great ideas and support. Some I have taken into account, if you don't mind? *smiles* Set your goal for next week and hope for more lost next week. Keep it up sis, like they say 'a loss is a loss' :) Congratz with the weight loss :)

Jodie said...

Working out what works best for you is what it is all about. Concentrating on "all about me" during this can be tough I know (and I don't even have kids yet!) but you need to do that otherwise the whole journey loses it's importance. Well done for recoginsing this and doing something about it. XX