Thursday, 3 November 2005

Creative flair

Oh my only 4 days to go and I am on holiday… You honestly don’t know how much I am looking forward to this that is for sure.

I think I have had enough of everything at the moment that I just need to get away from it all and do something different.

Sick of Xmas function’s, sick of work, sick of everything and I want to just be Chubbymum again.

I have been really good this week with food and with water and I am back on track because I am doing it for me!!! It feels good to be back on track again. I have had so many people tell me that my face looks different today and that I am looking so much more slimmer so that has been really good but I want to be able to feel it ya know.

The invitation business that I have gotten in to with a friend is going really well and my creative side is coming out. I feel so good with it and I really want to get some weddings so we can start making some money.

We have thought of a name and it is KIO Invitations (KIO is an acronym for Keep It Off because we met each other at Weight Watchers and we are wanting to keep the weight off so we though we would incorporate that… )

We are going to do all types of invitations like wedding, christenings, birthdays, and all the wedding things associated like thank you cards, place names and we are open to anything else related too.

It has got me all fired up and my mind has just been racing with things I want to do. I have been working out our business cards at the moment and I hope they will be good enough… sometimes I get so annoyed at myself as I want them to be perfect that they never look right he he he... so what do you think about the following?

Which one do you like? I don't know why I chose a flower because it isn't that I am fascinated by flowers or anything just that I thought it was elegant looking or something.

I get to show my friend tonight to see which one she likes on a card. I am not too sure what she will think... she is kind of a fussy person and she likes things the way she likes them. I did say to her that I would like to make a decision now and then he he he but sometimes I like that someone is in control as sometimes I can be the sort of person that starts something but doesn't finish and I get the feeling she likes finishing things so it might work out quite well. I just have to make sure that I tell her if I don't like something.

The only thing I want to make sure of is that I get to have my opinion listened to as most of the time I like go with the flow as long as I am being creative.

OMG I read this and think I am such a wimp... it isn't really the case it is just that I make so many decisions in my job and home life that sometimes decisions made for me is a welcomed change.

Anyway have lots to do before our holiday so I will write again soon.

Love Chubbymum


Jeremy said...

I think they are both very attractive. I'd change the wording slightly (spot the English major) to;
"Elegant, creative invitations made especially for you".
The colour of the tulip one will probably show better in the small format of a business card.


Me said...

For what it is worth - I like the pink one.
Let me know if you want my phone number to maybe chat when you are in Melbourne. I am on the Gold Coast but if you want to talk while you are here just drop me an e-mail.
Take care and have a fantastic holiday !

Leighanne said...

I like the pink one!!
Not sure where the place in Melb you are staying is!!I live just out in a town called Lancefield:)

Kate said...

I love the purple tulips one - looks gorgeous!

And yay for holidays!

Sue said...

I'd go for the daisy one - looks simpler and more elegant. Have a good weekend.

M said...

I vote for the Daisy. The colour is more professional looking and is easier on the eye. I love pink and purple (two of my favourite colours) but when it comes to business I think you need to go with what the market will want. Especially if you want to make bucket loads of money to pay yourself for the Christmas Challenge. Whooo Hooo you girls are on fire.

Love that you incorporated the work KIO too. I think that makes it very personal for you both.

Have a great day CM and come on holidays :)

fitcat said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting to go with the flow. I'm very similar to you there and with the great enthusiasm that doesn't always carry through to the finished end result. Sounds like you and your friend will be a great team in that regard. ;)

You have come so far this year with your self-confidence and ability to stand up with yourself (eg, the whole Blonde thing) that I have no doubt you'll be able to tell your friend when you really don't like something.

I like the second card better with the daisy. It's a lot more elegant (and you are making elegant invitations!) and as M said, a hell of a lot easier on the eye.

Finally, I want to say congratulations for following through on your dream. :D

fattyboombastic said...

They both look great CM but I like the daisy one the most :) .. Ohhhh and not long to go until you go away *woooo hoooo* You go girl!!

Anonymous said...


I like the tulip one, but I would change the wording to made espcially for you, sounds a little better

Lynise said...

Hi there,
just popped in to say the business cards both look great, but the correct grammer would be 'made especially for you'. (sorry, the school teacher in me always gets out). I love both designs. Maybe you could have one design for the elegant wedding cards (daisy) and the tulips for things like 21st and other birthdays. (just a thought, as I love both equally)

Helena said...

I like both, use both ... why not? It shows the innovation and creativity of the team! Is it especially or specially? I'm doing the happy dance for 4 days away too! Have a fantastic trip!

Slim Suzy said...

I love the daisy. Very elegant. Good luck with it all. Sounds like a fantastic idea.