Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Wednesday in Melbourne

Ok so today was another one of those days walking, walking, walking... yesterday was so full on with walking too. We went to the Queen Victoria Markets and they were amazing. I brought myself 2 watches, 2 hats for summer one of them I am wearing in the picture below

I really like this photo of hubby and me. I know I am still big but I have done so much walking that I feel I am on my way. (white is also not very flattering he he he).

So anyway that was one of the hats I got... I quite enjoyed wearing it.

We went for dinner up behind us in the picture that night after getting dressed up (picture below he he he).
The restaurant was really lovely and then we walked over the bridge and down towards the casino.. it was so peaceful and the lights of the city were amazing. I wished that I had taken my camera to take a picture of it.. We watched the water fall going up and down with lights and playing little tricks and we also saw this amazing flame show on top of these pedestals.. it was really hard to explain but it was soooooo hot and really interesting to watch. Went to the casino too but didn't stay too long as my friends that we stayed with didn't really gamble. Thought we might go back there on Friday night without them.

I haven't been in high heel shoes for such a long time that all the walking that night in high heels killed me.

I felt sooooo skinny in the brown top above and I felt on top of the world going out for dinner. I must say thought being on holiday is good but not knowing how much I have lost or gained is really killing me as I feel good but I don't know if the dinners that we have been eating are all that good. I just have to keep telling myself that I am having a good time and we haven't been on a holiday like this since we have been together. We didn't even have a honeymoon really as we had 12 other people (over 50) with us touring around New Zealand as I had family from Bermuda over.

Anyway that was Tuesday


We went shopping in the factory outlet shops today and it was amazing. The makeup store was SOOO cheap for the name brand stuff I just couldn't believe it. Jeremy managed to get some nice outfits for such a good price too. I cannot for the life of me find any shop that has big size clothes that aren't going to cost me the earth. I found a really nice shop called something like for me or Just for me but the tops were like $59 for one and it was sort of t-shirty and I am not going to pay that sort of price when you consider the exchange rate.

But I managed to get some nice sunglasses and a handbag as mine broke as we have been buying too much he he he. Brought a cd too by James Blunt back to bedlam oohhhhhh so nice. I am listening to it on my laptop while typing this. It has that song Your'e Beautiful.... soooo peacful sitting at their kitchen table looking out to the back garden with the sun shining through. So peaceful. I forgot what it was like without screaming kids wanting attention all the time. I don't have times like this often and I am enjoying it.

Forgot to mention it was 31.5 degrees here today ARGHHHHHHHHHH I hate the heat with passion and this I could not stand for days on end he he he. Thursday is supposed to be between 19 and 22 degrees or something like that... now that I can handle he he he

Went out to a lovely restaurant called Santarini it was a Greek restaurant OMG OMG was it delicious but I was so full after it that I wanted to DIE he he he. I think Steven (my friends husband) relaxes more at night time. We had a great conversation going on and it was such a pleasant night. We went for a small walk down to the bay and saw a possum going across the path and then it just went to the bottom of the tree and sat watching us. It was quite a weird thing because in New Zealand that are pests and you can kill them but Stephen was telling us they are protected in Australia so they weren't afraid of us. It was so cute to see it sitting there... sometimes you wonder why anyone would want to kill this lovely animal. I know that they can be a pest to the environment in New Zealand but if you think of it so can some humans but we don't kill them. Hmmm just a thought.

I got a whole new lot of moisturiser, toner, mask, day/night creme today too. I have never in my life brought the whole set at once. I usually get it when I can afford it and usually it is just moisturiser that I have but with the prices over here for them I went and did woohoooo so I went through the whole routine and it was fantastic to feel such a soft face. They have a place over here called Priceline and it is amazing for makeup and hair and all that sort of stuff. In New Zealand for the lot I got would have been I reckon $200 but I spent $80 and that was fantastic. I am tempted to get a second lot so it lasts me a long time. I haven't had a reaction from the product so I might just do that as it will be a while till I get back here ho hum.

Anyway going to sign off now...

Love ya all



M said...

Hey there. You look fantastic. All your hard work is really showing in these photos - and what a cute hat.

I think you are good to keep an eye on what you are eating but also very right to enjoy the holiday with Jeremy. With all the walking, and walking, and walking you are doing I am sure you will minimise any gain that you may have, and you never know, you may just shock your body into a holiday loss. How cool would that be?

Hope you have a fabulous day and I hope the weather cools down for you :)

Anne said...

You are looking really great in the photos - well done.

Have fun shopping!

Hippygal said...

I am so jealous..... you sound like you are having a fantastic time.... :):)

Love the pics...

Cheers Jaxx

Karen said...

Looking awesome hun! Sounds like you are having a ball too! And I am sure you will come back and record a holiday loss which is a fantastic feeling! :)

Slim Suzy said...

You both look so happy in the photos. Glad you are having a good time. Yes, the brown top looks lovely.

Emily said...

I loved seeing these photos of you and your husband, you both look so happy :-)

Sounds like great shopping, I'm sooo jealous!!

Am very interested in the meet-up in Rotorua, lets talk more about it when you get back.

kathrynoh said...

Wow, you are having fun. I'm loving reading all this stuff about Melbourne - it's like seeing it through fresh eyes!

With all the walking, I'm sure the dinners won't do too much damage.

I had to laugh when you said you couldn't stand the heat for days on end cos this is Melbourne. We don't have heat for days on end, just for a day or two then it rains :)

Have you tried Katies in the mall for clothes? I dunno if you have them in NZ but their Crossroads brand goes up to size 24 in a lot of stuff and is cheap. They also have the 1626 label which is a bit dearer. Now I've said that, they prolly have that stuff in NZ and you are thinking - why the hell would I shop there when I can get that stuff at home. LOL