Thursday, 22 February 2007

OMG the Kris saga keeps going!

Feb 22, 2007 at 6:16 PM

As you have all known I have been battling with this Kris saga and how anyone who says they are my friend would do such a thing... it is a suzy school thing to do.

Well I took the boys to school this morning and then came home and got in the car to go out to buy stationery to make some more invitation samples (feeling quite excited about it as I am a stationery aholic woohoooo he he he).. anyway back on the subject. I got a text from Kris and I sighed and my mum said "what is wrong" so I told her about the text. I have told her about all what Kris did and how she alienated my trainer Joy (which hasn't gotten back to normal either). So with all that I told her what Kris had written which is as follows:

Hi I knw this is a long shot but if u r free ths morning wld u let me buy u a coffee? I wld like 2 put the past behind us & move 4ward. I really do miss our friendship & I knw I hav sd & done sme hurtful things & I am sorry 4 tht if I cld change thngs I wld. Plse consider it. I am free till 11.30am.

Mum said that she has texted twice maybe it would be nice to go and see what she has to say and sort it out and to get it so that I don't have to afford her but not to get back as friends. To be quite honest I don't want to get back as friends. I don't mind be acqaintance but that is it for me.

So I texted her back with "I am not sure Kris. U caused so much crap 4 me and in the email u were happy about it. I miss some things but other things I certainly don't. My mum thinks I should have a coffee so I only half an hour."

She texted back " Thank u. I dnt blame u 4 being cautious u hav every right 2 b."

So we had morning tea and when I got out of my car she came over and OMG I didn't know what to do or say as I still had such hatred for this woman that in the past 3 months has caused my life to turn upside down. She gave me a hug and said that she missed our friendship and was glad that I came for a coffee..

I am not sure what I felt but pity for a woman that thrives on kaos.

Went in the coffee shop and she paid for a coffee (skinny one he he) and when she passed her card over she was shaking like fully shaking and when she tried to close her purse she was shaking and I said to her "what is wrong" she said that she will tell me soon.

So we sat down and I heard that she was sorry and bla bla bla I just felt like screaming at her. But I had to give her the benefit of the doubt at least she is saying sorry for all the crap but that doesn't excuse it ya know.

She said that yesterday she went to the doctors as a friend took her there and tried 4 doctors before getting in to the doctor... now I was sitting there thinking does she think this excuses everything? I didn't do this to her she did... The doctor said it was anxiety and has put her on antidepressents etc.

In the last couple of months she has alienated her mother and me and her family and other friends so something needed to be said that she needs to go and see a counsellor or someone.

I sound harsh don't I? I did talk to her and I was nice and in parts we smiled but I don't want to deal with all her emotional stuff anymore... I have enough crap in my own life to deal with let alone solving hers. I am happy that it can be left in the past now so I don't have to avoid her all the time but to be quite frank I don't trust her anymore. We left on a good note and she kept apologising and I said to her... I am not sure what to say to you Kris but thank you for the coffee.... I think I was unemotional about it in the end because I didn't feel anything anymore after finding out that she enjoyed giving false documents to my trainer and her trainer.

Which by the way she was telling me that her and my trainer have been texting a lot (now Kris always told me that she was jealous of the friendship between Joy and I) now I guess she has gotten what she wanted my trainer... anyway Joy said to her that I wouldn't answer the phone if she called and maybe I should take a morning tea over to my house and sort it out... I am pissed about that because I told Joy how I felt and she needed to keep her nose out of it. So I have made the decision that I am not telling Joy anything about my private life anymore and I am only doing the PT's with her as I get a lot out of them but that is it... I don't want to get in to that crap ever happening again and if I don't convide I don't have to hide.

I told my friend Tania and she thought I was a fool to go back into that crap and that I will get sucked in once again and I said to her that I just wanted all this to end but it didn't mean that I was back as her friend as I want to be able to trust my friends. She still said it quite to the point that she thought it was the wrong move considering she knows Kris.

I also phoned Debbie to see what she thought and OMG her and Tania could be the same person sometimes... they both haven't met each other but they are sooooo similar it is scary.

So that was my interesting morning.

So after the coffee with Kris I went out shopping for papers for doing my invitation samples woohoooo got to spend some money and on my favorite thing..... STATIONARY WOOHOOOO.
Did anyone watch bloody Biggest Loser at the end they basically told us in the commercial that the blue team lost OMG that really pissed me off!!!

I am rooting for the blue team as I like their attitude and I am rooting for Eric to win (he is like 400 pounds).... I don't mind the red team but that lady that made that other lady feel really bad last week I could have slapped her... Karma!!! what goes around comes around and what a bitch for telling her off in front of national television... if it was me I would have gotten rid of her because she isn't a team player.

Anyway on that note I am going to make invitations woohooooo
Love CM


Chris H wrote:
Feb 24, 2007 at 3:29 PM
Mandy.... remember that Kris is a chronic lier, what she said about your trainer could be a bloody lie to alienate you from your trainer again. Be careful of a wolf in sheep's clothing, do not trust her. She has shown herself to be a back stabbing bitch, and leopards DO NOT change their spots. She is just feeling sorry for HERSELF cos she had alienated so many people against herself.
I take my hat off my head to you for going to coffee, I would not have given her the satisfaction on being able to say "Mandy has forgiven me", cos I bet she uses that to her advantage somehow.
I hope you had a wonderful time shopping for stationary, I love it too.

Kateypie wrote:
Feb 24, 2007 at 9:31 PM
I hope you will post some photos of the invites! Exciting!

pink-elephants wrote:
Feb 25, 2007 at 9:36 AM
hi Mandy
hmmmm re Kris-I see she has posted a comment on my blog over night I need to go delete this. I think u did the right thing by going and seeing her in your mind now u know u r over her u felt nothing for her and u can get on with your life if she contacts u again just say no thanks and say hello if u pass in street as u would anyother stranger and this in reality is what she is strange. She was a big part of your life for a while but now that part is over u have gone differnet a lost love there are memories but it wouldn't be a good idea to go back there.
Hope u r having an awesome weekend big hugs from me

Celtic Girl wrote:
Feb 25, 2007 at 9:15 PM
Mandz, I agree with Chris, dont trust the her, be very careful.I think she was trying for the sympathy vote from you re her "anxiety" problem which has all been created by her, so let her wallow in her own shit.

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