Thursday, 15 February 2007

Last couple of days

Feb 15, 2007 at 10:12 PM

Well... didn't feel the urge to write in the last couple of days.

Sometimes I wonder if I am bi-polar or something because sometimes I am really happy and then the next minute I can be sooooo depressed. Maybe I am just imagining it but in the last month I have had so many ups and downs and really way up and really way down that I am wondering if everything is ok with me.

Anyway Valentines day at work was a nightmare and I didn't like it whatsoever this new company is a bloody nightmare... having to put sunscreen on the children with gloves and tissues and each child has to have separate gloves on too... and that is only the start of all the changes... sometimes I wonder about the Australian company that owns these creches... hmmmm sometimes you can go overboard aye.

Picked up the boys from school and then got ready for going out to dinner for Valentines day with hubby. He is such a sweety. He organised for a lovely dinner and beforehand we went to two different places for a drink and one with a drink and starters and then on to the place for dinner.... it was such a relaxing night and I enjoyed spending time with him. I also got a card and in the card was a charm for my bag that said SWEETY on it with little diamonds and Pink jewels... it was sooo cute.

Ate way way too much but that is life.

Today I got up thinking I have to get off my backside and stop being so lethargic and get some exercise so I walked the boys to school and then went for an hour walk and it was good as I was listening to Anthony Robbins on my MP3 player and it was an interesting walk and it went really fast listening to Tony because that man can talk.

Got home and showered and then went out with mum shopping. My friend Tania brought a bright orange top from Ezibuy last week and it was down from $49 to $35 so I went in to get one and while I was there the Manager said that anything on sale would be down a further 50% OMG now I couldn't pass that up so I found 9 tops he he he he and I have gone from a 5xl shirt (being tight) to a 1xl and felt fantastic... I brought 4 singlets and 2 three quarter shirts one in a bright orange and another in a lime green woohooo something bright and then 2 jumpers (bright red (not a tarty one though) and a lovely bright blue)... normally I don't like to stand out but they weren't over the top colours...

It felt really good to buy clothes and try on clothes that fit, I was so happy as you can imagine.
Tonight I went to the gym with Debbie and it was sooo hot that I sweated like a pig and enjoyed it so much it was good.

Debbie was saying that since I haven't told her my weight things have gotten bad for her and I felt so sorry for her. She gained 3.3 after xmas and in 4 weeks she managed to lose 3.4 but then last week she gained 1.1 and really I must say that it isn't my fault...and I am not telling her my weight and I think she needs to re think things because she is the only one putting food in her mouth or not exercising ya know.

Last week alone I saw her eat 2 twix chocolate packets (the double packets) and a morning tea that was put on she over did it, I didn't tell her because I know that when people point out if I am eating wrong I get mad and go the opposite and I don't want to be the one interferring. I didn't much like the fact that she was trying to emphasise that she hasn't been losing because I don't tell her my losses or gains. It is working for me because I am not feeling like I am in a competition for her. It isn't working for her and I want to help her with that but she has to help herself first too aye.

Hubby seems to think that maybe she was saying what she had lost and gained because she wants me to tell her how much I have lost but I didn't... I didn't because I don't want to know how much she has lost or how much we have between us because I don't like it and to be honest I wished that she didn't tell me how much she had lost as it does my head in... maybe she did it because she knows it will do my head in??? not sure... I would like to think that she wasn't being mean.... the benefit of the doubt ya know and that she was telling me because she needed to talk to someone about it. I did confront her on the chocolates though because she said she didn't understand why she gained and I said "so you didn't have anything that you shouldn't have" and she said no and I said hun have you been tracking??? and being honest with yourself? She didn't answer so maybe that was a yes?.

I said to her that she needs to be tracking and when she does she will lose again... I must say I am not perfect and I don't know all the answers because if I did then I wouldn't be in the situation I am in aye...... I do want to help her anyway I can so the exercise part is the part that we need to work on with each other.

Well I think I have convinced Joy to do a night time Lean as she is investigating the possiblities and who wants to do it. She said tonight it looks like there is 4 of us that want to do it and she is going to put out a flyer in the gym to see if anyone else wants to join... the only problem I have is if bloody Kris joins... now Joy knows all about what Kris did and she knows the reason I am not doing the morning Lean is because of her so I don't think she will let her do it... and she better bloodywell not as she has the morning Lean. I cannot wait it is going to be lots of fun.

Ok my marathon post is done now.
Love ya all


Chris H wrote:
Feb 16, 2007 at 8:08 AM
I don't think you should tell your friend your gains and losses, if she is not doing well it is her own fault, don't let her put in onto you. I'm sorry you have been feeling up and down so much lately, maybe when you get over the "Kris" thing properly you will bounce back to yourself? I hope so. Have a great day!

Rachel's World wrote:
Feb 16, 2007 at 11:38 AM
By the way, I love the new pretty backgrounds you have on your blog.

I reckon you need to just concerntrate on you and what you are doing and never mind worrying about Deb, she's a big girl. You know that you aren't going to tell her your progress so if she digs just let it go over your head.

Sunscreen with gloves and tissues, they are little kids - can you imagine the complex they are going to get as they get older. Sounds like really weird and over the top rules to me.

Kateypie wrote:
Feb 16, 2007 at 7:37 PM
Yay for shopping! I love ezibuy - they usually have good sizes, and decent stuff, and sooo cheap when they have a sale - woohoo!I wonder the same about myself re: the moods up and downs, well lately I do anyway. It's not fun eh?!Hope you have a good weekend :-)x

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