Friday, 2 February 2007

PT with Joy

Feb 2, 2007 at 5:35 PM

Had my PT with Joy today and I got on the rower to warm up before she was ready for me and when she came over and starting chatting I said to her that I don't feel motivated with my exercise anymore and that I just haven't wanted to come in to the gym or to go for my walks as much.

So she got me off the rower and we went for a walk and was trying to organise how I can get exercise in my week and enjoy it... she was trying to suggest that I take my 1 hour PT and split to two half hours and a half an hour on each of those that I keep going with the exercise so I make up the hour.... I said that that was a great idea but not until the kids are back at school so I can sort myself out an so in the next two weeks we are going to organise that.

She also said "You know that if you wake up early on one of the LEAN mornings you are most welcome to come to class I miss you and so do the others, but no pressure"
I said to her "I would probably end up smacking Kris in the face"
She said "I thought after seeing both of you in the gym last week that things went ok"
I said "I wasn't in the same group as her I was doing my PT with you and I hated every moment of it knowing that she was watching"
She said "Why is this still going"
I said "I didn't want to bring this all up again because it turned out to be a nightmare last time and you thought it was me causing all the trouble"
She said "I didn't say that!"
I said "The way you were interrogating me said it all and the way you got really mad with me when I didn't want to go to Lean with her there like I was being a bitch"
She said "I am sorry I didn't think I did that"

I then proceeded to tell her all about the email that Kris sent me before xmas saying she enjoyed giving her version of my blog to Daniel and got great pleasure out of it and how much crap it caused for me. I also told her about the text last week apologising for the email she sent before going away" I said I wasn't going to tell her.. and Debbie said I should have told you.

Now Joy is a Christian and doesn't believe in swearing or grudges etc and all I heard coming out of her mouth was "The Bitch don't fall in to her trap!"
I said "I didn't reply and I don't intend to"
She said "You did the right thing and you are the bigger person here, you have integrity"
She said that she has told Kris that if she moans just once in the Lean group then she is out and Joy preceeded to tell me that I should come back to class. I want to sooooo much go back to my group but I don't want to be the one looked at like I am the ogre because of punching her (what will happen if she gets in my face). The problem being is that in Lean they get people in groups or with pairs and if I am paired with her I would scream.

I phoned Debbie about all this (as she was at work) and she said she was keen to go back but would go with me or not what ever I choose. I told her my fear of being paired up with Kris and she said that she would be my team member if that would be the case... I will have to talk to Joy about that situation before going ahead with it. Hubby said I should wait till winter as knowing Kris she will wuss out of it.

Yay the kids go back to school next week Yay Yay Yay how great is that! I love them and all but they need the stimulation and they need to be around their friends.

I need to buy a sports bra!! OMG soo soo soo nervous about buying one because I still don't feel I am skinny enough to get in to one or where to find one. I am a size 22 D and I haven't seen anywhere that makes them. Does anyone have any ideas?

My eye is looking so much better today yaayyy

Anyway I might write some more later
Have a good night everyone.


M wrote:
Feb 2, 2007 at 6:08 PM
Yay I am in!!!I think you should go back to Lean. You used to enjoy it so much. Don't worry that Kris is there. She is just another person now. She is not a friend, not family, not a threat. By not going you are still giving her power - in that she is reason you aren't going.
If you really are scared you will physically hurt her - then no, don't go because it will just ruin it for you.
You are doing really well and I hope when the kids go back to school you can set up a really enjoyable exercise routine again.

Go for it...

Lee wrote:
Feb 2, 2007 at 6:33 PM
M is right!!!
I used to be 22dd....what a pain to find bras eh...
Have a great week:)
Leighanne xxx

Chris H wrote:
Feb 2, 2007 at 7:29 PM
Umm, maybe you could go back to Lean, as long as you know you won't be teamed with the Bitch... and I echo your YA YA YA, the kids go back to school next week. Thank God, I have so had enough of them.

Tracy wrote:
Feb 3, 2007 at 10:11 AM
Hi ya
Try Bendon sports bra, they are pretty good & nothing moves - I have been wearing a 14DD for years but in actual fact, I am a 12E!!!!! How the hell did they get bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Fayreform have a wireless one, neither of them are extremely flattering in the cleavage dept, they kind if flatten & squish but stops them bouncing around too much. Try the Bendon factory shop in Hamilton. One thing about the Bendon ones - they go over the head & are actually a bit tricky to get off - again definatly made for function not looks & ease of use :-).

I agree with your hubby about Lean - as soon as the weather cools down madam will not be getting her arse there!!

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