Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Private - Bitch and Moan

Feb 28, 2007 at 11:34 AM

I want to have this seen by everyone but then I feel like I would come across as a moaning bitch again and people don't want to read about ti all the time.

I hate my job!!! I hate the animosity and I hate the fact that Donna is being such a bitch... it is never her fault and she always blames it on someone else.

Yesterday Carrie (one of the teachers) found out her mum had cancer and it is serious and she is going through a lot and asked if she could take today off and Donna told her no she had to get in to work today OMG how compasionate is that!!! What a bitch... I MEAN WHAT A FUCKEN BITCH it is a hard thing hearing that one of your parents could be dying and you want to be with them and one FUCKEN day wouldn't have harmed anything she just needed to get a reliever... but NOOOO she didn't..

I know this doesn't effect me in my job and so why am I getting so upset.. I am getting upset because if something as serious as that is going to be turned down imagine what else... I mean there is not bloody compassion.

So Carrie went in this morning and resigned OMG resigned GOOD ON HER!!! But you know nothing will be done... Donna won't get repremanded or anything because Vanessa and her a too close.

She is not a good manager and people are complaining left and right and nothing is being done and Auckland just think it is the staff ganging up on Donna that is the problem and that isn't the case.. hello they believe one person over lots GEEEE that is logical isn't it.

So it has made me even more determined to get this business up and running.

I made an appointment with a Graphic Designer to get my logo etc designed and for me to go into business. I don't know if being in a shop 24/7 is what I want but I enjoy stationery and if it was my shop I reckon it would be different and the first couple of years are going to be hard but as long as I can pay my wage then hey....

It would be ideal if I could find a shop that I don't have to open on a Saturday or Sunday but that is unrealistic too but I could get staff in aye... I know I could. Wouldn't mind having a business like Create but I wouldn't know where to start.

Jeremy is happier to help me get this business up and running compaired to the other times I have tried so that is a good sign. I think he thinks this is a good idea.

All I need to do now is get my name out there and get some weddings under my belt and I reckon this could happen.

I have Sheree Hanna wedding and I have a bloggers wedding for next year and I have a birthday party for a 10 year old girl and I was told yesterday by Dion's mum that we could probably do Alex's birthday invites too. Also have been asked by Marina if I scanned and did booklets so I said I would give it a go and see how much that would get me... hmmm should be interesting.

If I keep myself organised and keep getting work then why wouldn't it work.

I have to get a bank account for the business now and see how that goes.

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