Sunday, 25 February 2007

Woohoo weekend

Feb 25, 2007 at 9:26 PM

What a fast day... went to the gym to have my PT with Joy and had a good talk to her about the Kris saga and told her exactly what I thought. Said I wasn't happy that she told Kris to come to my house with morning tea because I really could have done without getting back in to this friendship... told her about the morning and said that I fcelt nothing and that it is only a ploy to get the attention she always craves and she agreed with me.

She said that Kris is txting her so much and she is going to tell her to stop and Kris's trainer was telling her on friday that he is only doing the PT and not the food side anymore and she is always arguing with him about it and he is finding the txting and constantly taking food up to him at the gym getting a bit possessive... I said to Joy that I am tired of being the one that has to solve her problems and that her life has gotten worse since I haven't been around because she isn't getting the attention and I am not solving all her crap..... not wanting to do that anymore.. not going to do that anymore... not interested!!! Said to Joy that if she knows what is good for her she needs to stop the txting or she will be sorry.

So after that I went home got showered and met the school mums (three of them) at our coffee shop down the road... woohooo I feel so alive when I meet these ladies and they are all fab looking but don’t make me feel like I am any different from them. We talk about so many things other than kids and weight loss and it feels like back at school again ya know.

Friday night I went over to Debbie’s to colour her hair... mind you it didn’t look like there was a difference because she just did it a similar colour to what she had but tried to make it one colour instead all the different highlights she had.

Debbie is boarding with a couple (the lady works with us) and so they went and got some takeaway and came to our place as they had never seen our place and wanted to have a squiz... so we ended up playing rapidough such a cool cool cool game... it is a mix between pictionary and play dough... you use play dough instead of the drawing and you lose a little bit of dough if you lose and the one with their dough at the end wins. You play in teams.

We drank wine and laughed and had so much fun and are planning to get together for a BBQ next Sunday woohooo.

Got up early and made a list for our shopping then went to The Warehouse to look at Vacuum cleaners and other stuff.... I got some more T-Shirts for the gym size 2xl woohoooooo as I started with the same T-Shirt of 5xl and now the 3xl’s are too big he he he makes me feel really skinny now he he he.
Went out and got some more paper too as I made hubby’s birthday invites and they turned out sooo cool... I just loved them. Tomorrow night I will take some photos and put them online...
I have a 10 year olds birthday party invites to do as well... and the lady that Debbie lives with is getting married and wants me to do some wedding invites samples for her too for 50 people woohooo bloody is taking off.

Did our grocery shopping then came home and I started on those invites and didn’t want to stop until they were finished.

Woke up early went to The Mad Butcher to get meat for the BBQ (with the girls that I have morning tea with on a Friday and their hubby’s and kids). There were 6 adults, 7 kids and my mum.... and it was a fantastic day and everyone brought something for the BBQ. The kids played on the slip and slide and blow up pool and playground and in the playroom so nicely and we didn’t have to tell anyone off and they ate well and played from 10.30 till 4pm.... it was Devine and the company was relaxing and no mind games.
The best part was I wore a singlet... I didn’t wear a huge t-shirt like I usually would. I didn’t feel like wearing a singlet would be an issue and for once the BBQ wasn’t really really hot like it would have been.

Our boys were asked to go to Laser strike with their little friend down the end of the street because it was his birthday and then they went to McDonalds for dinner so hubby and I had 2 hours to ourselves so it was so damn hot we went upstairs for a spa bath (cold one) and my wonderful wonderful hubby got some foot massage stuff and gave me a foot massage and back massage.... ok you probably didn’t want me to go there he he he but it was so nice to be us again and to just relax.

Chris H..... I sooo realise Kris is a chronic liar and I so agree with you she is trying to make me think that her and Joy are best buddies but Joy said to me Friday that she knows that Kris is a liar and that she isn’t to be trusted and that both her and Daniel know what she is like.... and I am not to fear.. hmmmm why didn’t they believe me in the first place huh!!! Her spots will not change and I haven’t forgiven her... I told her I don’t know what to think and it certainly wasn’t that I had forgiven her because I had said to her that she had caused me crap and she needs to get her facts straight before she goes on a vendetta round on someone... OHHHH and I forgot to say in the middle of my PT with Joy Kris turns up with a bunch of flowers for her... OMG why in front of me ya know... but to make me feel like she has won.. hmmmm just my thought anyway

Felicity – GIRRRRLLLLL you so know what Kris is like because you have met her.. The only reason she left a message on your blog is because no one is commenting on hers and now she is caring enough to write messages to get people to reply on hers... it takes two to have a friendship and if she doesn’t bother to care what is happening to others then others will do the same to her. YOU KNOW what I mean. I certainly don’t want to go there anymore with her and will be keeping my distance... my friend Tania was sooo mad with me that she smacked my arm when she saw me next as she has never liked her.

I thought things we over with... with her but they weren’t and now for me it feels over and I don’t feel anything... I mean... I don’t feel anything and I thought I would and I thought I would have been happy to go back to what it was but NOOOOO I am not.. and I am hoping this will be the last saga with her.

I had a great weekend... it was full and I had fun and it is starting to look like next weekend is the same he he he

Love ya all


Chris H wrote:
Feb 26, 2007 at 11:38 AM
I reckon things are over between you and Kris now, your head is in a good space and you are not brooding over the bitch. Just move forward now, and don't give her the time of day, don't waste energy on even thinking about her. The flowers for the PT in front of you was just a mind game, but she didn't win mate, she just made herself look pathetic.... ha ha ha. I am so glad you are having fun with the invitations too, post some pics!

Tracy wrote:
Feb 26, 2007 at 3:06 PM
OK - the woman is a nut job!!!! I am glad you met her for coffee & I think you handled it brilliantly. She seems to have alienated or pissed off a whole lot of people & I bet she is feeling very alone - you on the other hand are having a great time, you have lots of friends, great family & social lives. If she has anxiety issues etc then she brought them on herself & quite frankly, she deserves it, it is called kharma!!!!

Anne wrote:
Feb 27, 2007 at 9:09 AM
Just caught up with your blog - while it is hard to lose a friendship it does sound like you handled it really well. good on you for moving on and putting it all behind you.

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