Sunday, 28 January 2007

Still unhappy

Jan 28, 2007 at 7:43 PM

Still not feeling too well.

Mowed the lawns today OMG I was sweating like a pig and it was only 9am he he he and the rest of the day I didn't want to do anything.. not too sure if it is because of the heat OMG is it hot or what.. or it is because of my eye? but had a unhappy moody day.

Not sure if I am unhappy because next week I should be getting to my monthly or because hmmmm not sure...

Well I am a little sure but not sure if it is the sole reason.

I can't do my Life Coach course because the bloody government decided in all their glory that only Uni's and tech can give interest free loans by the government. If I had applied for the loan in 2006 I would have gotten it!! DOES THAT SUCK OR WHAT!!!

I can't afford to finance it! It is too much for us and especially since I am only working part time, and we are dollar for dollar at the moment and live from pay to pay ya know?

It is getting tearing my heart apart because I can't find anything that matches what I want to do in any other institution.... The only one that offers the Life coach course (part time from home) is this company and it is in Hamilton. I know that people will say what will be will be and that it was meant to not happen right now but it was going to be my year to sort out what I want to do for a job for the rest of my life.

I want to help people in my situation through life coaching... I want to be there to listen to people and help people lose weight just like I have been doing... I want to be an inspiration and I want to let people know that I am there to listen and help them achieve all that they wish (of course as a paying job does that sound bad?).

Losing weight as all of you know is the hardest thing anyone can do and if you are in just to lose the weight fast WELL that just doesn't happen and getting your head around things and having someone that understands is also the hardest to find. Families are great but they don't always know what happens and how we feel being overweight and they don't always know how to help, or they just have too many things on their plate to help and be there...

Yeah I know sounds silly but it is something I want to do.

So maybe that is what is getting me down in the last couple of days as well.

I am glad to be able to do my blog and say these things... for a while there I didn't have anywhere to vent... hubby thinks that is why I am not well lately as well because it is all catching up on me because I haven't been able to vent it on my blog.

I am reading all your blogs I thought I would mention and haven't commented but I hate commenting unless I can be positive ya know... so please know that I love you all and that you are all really dear to me and it isn't because I don't love ya that I haven't been leaving comments....

I know I will be back to my old self.

Love ya all... the old Chubbymum will be back tomorrow. I just know it!


Kateypie wrote:
Jan 28, 2007 at 8:44 PM
Hope you are feeling better soon!x

Chris H wrote:
Jan 28, 2007 at 10:29 PM
Hell I hope you will be back to your old happy self soon! It sucks when one is feeling down and nothing seems to be going right, been there, done that. Sometimes it does take time, there are usually no quick fixes, but keep working on being happy and one day it will all fall into place. Life coaching sounds great, I would love to do something like that too, but I don't know if I could curb my fat mouth... if someone is piss arsing around and not really trying, I'd probably tell them to piss off and stop wasting their time and mine! lmao

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