Saturday, 27 January 2007

Busy Day... run down

Jan 27, 2007 at 8:59 PM

Went to bed last night thinking wow this is early and I will be able to get some sleep and stop feeling like crap... nope nope nope. I had a stingy eye and woke up with a sty and not wanting to leave my eye open as it was sooo sore.

We were taking mum up to Auckland today to a friends place as she is staying the whole weekend up there and we are getting some free time he he he.

It was a nice drive and after we left mum at her friends place we went to the Auckland Museum and the boys had so much fun at the museum and they didn't complain about it like I thought they might... thought they might get bored or something but they didn't and asked lots of questions and explored lots in the kids sections too.... a good time was had by all but I was a little miserable with a sore eye and I have not been feeling well all week.... I sooo soooo soooo wanted today to be perfect and have a fantastic time with the kids. I didn't show it to them that I wasn't feeling well but I felt miserable..

My friend Tania thinks that I have been like this since getting the text from Kris... she thinks I am run down because I have that bloody woman back from Australia (where I wished she would have stayed) and cannot concentrate on me anymore..

Kris managed to get a PT session with Daniel for Friday at the same time as my PT session with Joy OMG she doesn't work all fucken week and she just manages to make an appointment at the same time as me BULL SHIT... it made me so mad that I worked so damn hard with Joy.

I worked my butt off and was sweating down my face like you wouldn't believe soooo cool!!! he he he

But.. I don't want the skank to be there at the same time anymore! SLAP on hand ewww still talking about the woman... stop it! stop it!

I suppose holding that in wouldn't help me showing the signs of being run down... so I have decided to write it in here to get it off my chest.

Something nice about the skank... she does look like she has lost a lot and looking good and her face is certainly smaller but she deserves that comment... not ever going to say it to her face though.

I said that to hubby that she was looking good in her face and he said so do you!! Nah I thought I haven't lost that much but he took a picture of me today and I am more defined in my face now and felt great looking at this photo... I will show you a comparision. First one is an old one of me in 2004 and the second was today (2007) with my boys. I am quite proud of these photos now.

The next lot of photos are of the ones we took at the Museum today.

The last photo was a photo taken by hubby as he was trying to be artistic he he he.
I have been thinking about my weight loss and I am going to try and cut out my V altogether. I have a V twice a week but should really have none ho hum... soooo soooo addicted to it but I want this weight off.

I am going to go for a long walk tomorrow morning... lots to do this weekend. Thought after the walk I would mow the lawns again to get the extra exercise and then go and do the shopping.

Was going to have some friends over this weekend for a bbq but decided with hubby that maybe we could just be with us because we always have people over and always have mum with us so having time to us doing whatever we like and not worrying if anyone is unhappy about what we are doing would be the best. I always have this feeling that mum is mad with us if we sit around and veg on Sundays so I am going to Veg as much as possible on Monday (our Auckland anniversary day and feels like a Sunday it will be for me he he he).

Thanks for reading everyone!! Thanks for your comments they keep me going and make me feel more and more like updating. I promise I will try and make my posts happier and I know this last week I have been down in the dumps and moany and I don't want to be like that anymore.

Love Chubbymum

Chris H wrote:
Jan 27, 2007 at 9:49 PM
If you need to vent about bloody Kris, then do it, it will help you get over the bitch. Sad you still have to have her in your face on ocassions tho. I think you can handle it though, you are a stong woman, you have shown that by how you have handled the situation, not verbally attacking her to her face etc. Don't know if I could have controlled myself! AS for the V, why not just have one on a designated day once a week like I do with my diet coke? Life is not all about total denial, even if we are on a diet! Pregnancy makes us fat, so does that mean we can never ever have a nookie again??? I DON'T THINK SO, HA HA HA.

Chris H wrote:
Jan 27, 2007 at 9:50 PM
Damn, forgot to say, your comparison photos are awesome chick!!! Sure can see a difference.

Celtic Girl wrote:
Jan 28, 2007 at 12:33 AM
Yep, you can definately see the difference in your comparision photos.YOU ROCK GIRL. Sorry your not feeling well still. It sucks when us girls get sick as we are still expected to be there for everyone else.

Lee wrote:
Jan 28, 2007 at 4:41 PM
You are looking so great!!! Keep it up!!!
Vent away ....that is what we are here for!!!

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