Sunday, 14 January 2007


Jan 14, 2007 at 9:55 PM

I haven't been posting every day because I feel content at the moment.

I had a horrible eating on Friday with dinner being pizza and gave myself crap for it on Saturday and starting getting angry but after posting on a group I belong to and reading the Dr Phil book I am even more determined to sort it out.

It is funny how reading the Dr Phil book has made me think about things like my exercise. I go and work out at the gym and I do work out hard but in the last week I have been watching myself and when I start to think I cannot go any further or faster then I push through it and realise I can do more and I am holding myself back... and I think that is the reason I had such a sweaty t-shirt on friday.... because I didn't let my mind think I couldn't do it.

Like the saying goes (if I have it right) "if you do what you always have done then you will get what you always got" I don't want to do what I have always done I want to change what I have always done and do better.

So today got up and went to the gym at 9.30am and decided that I wouldn't go with Debbie but would go with hubby as I go with Debbie 3 times a week and I find that I slow myself down on the bike, and cross trainer because she doesn't like those machines so I go at her speed and I finally realised I don't want to do that. I like having her there and I push myself on the rower and treadmill because she likes it and tries hard...well today I tried hard on all the equipement and I also spent time with hubby and we did kickboxing punches and kicks and situps and we worked on the bingo wings. It was nice working out with him as we don't get much time to be together and do something we both like doing so I was soooo happy afterwards it was nice and I hope we do more of that.

Got home and got a shower and went to lunch with my BIL and his girlfriend (hopefully one day my sister in law he he he) we get on so well not like the other girl friends he has ever had and she is so family friendly and we went to a chinese restaurant and had yum cha.. and enjoyed it totally and his girlfriend paid for lunch... she ran up to the desk so she would get there before us OMG... she said it was to say thanks for Christmas lunch and having her around. That was really nice of her. My MIL was there as well and it was a pleasant lunch and the food was yummy.

Got home and took mum to spotlight (didn't buy anything ho hum) I am a craft junkie if you guys didn't know that by now.

Then in the afternoon the kids played outside in the sprinkler and hubby and I sat on the swing and read books and talked to the kids and talked and all the while a roast chicken was cooking in the oven. It was a nice day to just relax in the sun... it was a hot day OMG WHAT A BOILING HOT DAY.

Anyway tired now and I have the dreaded work tomorrow and hopefully I will find out whether or not there are any spaces for my life coach course that I can get in to...

Fingers crossed
Love Chubbymum

Hippygal wrote:
Jan 14, 2007 at 10:42 PM
Good luck for the life coach....Cheers Jaxx

Rachel's World wrote:
Jan 15, 2007 at 11:43 AM
Hi mate, yeah I did the pizza thing on Saturday night as well and then kicked myself all day Sunday (what is with that???).
Loved the sweaty shirt.......hehehe, I bet you don't hear THAT everyday

Anne wrote:
Jan 15, 2007 at 2:46 PM
[this is good]At long last I can get to read! Well done with the measurements - good to catchup on your news:)

Celtic Girl wrote:
Jan 15, 2007 at 4:10 PM
OMG, just saw your measurements from your last post, you are doing fantastic, you can really see your progress when you measure. I think I will start tonight as It's ages since I measured myself.Also, loved the sweaty shirt and YES it is an achievment worth capturing and sharing.

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