Friday, 5 May 2006

Thursday and Friday

It is Friday Wohooooo!

Yesterday was so full on that by the time I got to do my entry I didn't have the energy to write in it.

I went to my final LEAN before the Triathalon on Sunday. She worked us so hard that is for sure and said to us that today (thurs) was the last day of exercise before the event. OMG not doing exercise on Friday was doing my head in that is for sure... how did I get to be so addicted to exercise... hmmm just don't know.

So I took Corbin to school and then took mum to get her hair cut and we did some shopping. Quinn was such a good little man while we were shopping and so we gave him $2 so he could buy what he wanted at the $2 shop... now I thought he would go for those dreaded toys (which are mainly guns or swords etc grrrr) but he chose to buy a little bag of lollies.... now that wasn't good either but I don't give him lollies much so hey once in a while isn't going to hurt him and at least he didn't have a toy that he could hit his brother with he he.

We were heading back home when mum said she wanted to go to Chartwell for a while so I took her there and she asked Quinn if he wanted to go and he did Wohooooo I got some time to myself so yep I went for a walk he he... I wanted to check out my new back pack with teh water bladder in it so I can have on the triathalon on Sunday. Wow it took a little while to get used to sucking at the straw for the water to come up but it was great to be walking free with my hands free. I think I smiling the whole way... some of the way I felt like I was being a little bit like a nerd he he he but lately I don't care what anyone thinks because I am getting healthy.

I went to pick up Corbin from school and a parent came up to me (now I only just met her this year) but she came to me and said "I don't know if I will upset you but you have lost so much weight and I thought I would tell you how great you are looking" Wow I just smiled and said thank you... I was a little embarrased but I was happy that she had the guts to tell me... it was great.

I am getting a lot of compliments lately and it is really boosting me that is for sure.

Today Friday I went to visit my old work mates at the University and when I walked in there were gasps... I was a little stunned but they said that I was looking fantastic. They hadn't seen me since October last year and they were giving me compliments left right and centre. I was telling Jeremy and said that I had only lost 5 kilos since then but he said my shape has changed because of the fat changing to muscle and that is what they are seeing. One of my friends there said that I have more of a waist now and a neck and that my face is more defined. Wow... what a high compliments give you.

I have been good since Wednesday and tracking as I had gotten off track with the tracking he he he but now I am back up and running.

It feels great to have my two days off again... as the last couple of weeks I have been working that extra day and it is taking it's tole on me now.

I am so nervous about Sunday triathalon. I don't know how it is going to go but I have to do it so I am going to do it.

Anyway I might update later... got to go and take mum out to New World ho hum... I hate grocery shopping.

Love CM

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