Saturday, 20 May 2006


Woke up this mornign still not feeling well at all.

Corbin was up all night with a bad ear infection again and we phoned to make an appointment with the doctor this morning.... so we were going to take him after the soccer game.

I have this one rival in our soccer team and that is one of the mothers that used to be the manager last year (I am the manager this year) and she just can't work it out that I can do this without her input... grrrr.... Thi is one person I dislike and I have never been like that before but she is pushing me to the point of saying Oi back OFF!!! Her husband told her last week to back off and she went to the end of the line and cowered all game... it was brilliant. OK I know that is bad but OMG this lady has to be one up all the time and she puts down other peoples kids for not being as good as her own and it just pisses me off to the max.

Anyway.... Corbin almost got a goal today OMG OMG it was like heart attack city that is for sure. They were right in the goal and Corbin was kicking it in and this little brat on the other team he he he he tripped him up so the goaly got the goal just in time GRRRRR how annoying was that.... my little man tries so hard but hasn't managed to get a goal yet... and mostly because at the age of 6 they don't pass it to each other so only two of the kids end up getting goals... but hey what do you do about 6 year olds huh... he was like soooo dissappointed that he didn't manage to get the goal. The other parents and I were like praising him the rest of the game for how great he did. They won the game woohooo.

Ok... so off my family food wise I have been crap this week... too many carbs. Why do I always want carbs when I have my monthly? I can't seem to stop craving them that is for sure. It doesn't help having this head cold either and I am just not wanting to worry about what is going in my mouth. Will I ever get back on track? At this stage is certainly feels like I won't that is for sure.

Took Corbin to the doctor and they confirmed that he has a major ear infection and gave him antibiotics.

We dropped the boys at their Nana's this afternoon after lunch and went to Bunnings... OMG is that place deadly for us or what. We are doing a retaining wall and needed some plants so ended up getting 4 punga trees... it is going to look soooo cool. Then we have to get the rocks and we are all done on the retaining wall woohoooo. We also went and brought a gas cylinder so that we can get some heat into this house brrrrrr winter is certainly here.

My father in law phoned tonight and asked if we wanted to go for a walk with them tomorrow and so we are going to go for a walk down the lake tomorrow... so that should be interesting... I don't know what is up but they don't usually come and visit as they live an hour away and it makes me a little bit suspicious hmmm.... so we shall see.

We are watching Miss Congeniality (spelling??) no 2 tonight... can't wait woohoo.

Love CM

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