Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Getting back on track woohoo

Woohooo I had a good class tonight.

Last week I met a really nice girl/lady... I think she is around my age but a lot slimmer he he he and we got on like a house on fire. She came tonight and said OMG I am glad you came back this week to the class. She said that she was wondering how my triathlon went on Sunday and when I was talking to her another lady said "I heard you did really well in the weekend at the triathlon" I said OMG am I being talked about and she said yes you are an inspiration. I said well then you should come to the LEAN class with us huh... and smiled. She was giving excuses but I will get her.

It was a great class and sooooo hard. I felt so sore afterwards and my hair is still wet (2 hours later). I worked it baby!!

I want to lose another kilo this week.. OMG I just feel like I have to do this because I am tired of plateauing I AM SICK OF IT!!

SFL is back up and running! Woohoo and I met a lovely lady called HERA on it and she comes from Hamilton it was great to know that someone in my own town was going through the same thing as me. I was heavier than her last year and with her determination she is going to do it that is for sure. What an inspiration she is. I wish her all the luck.

2 Toast
1/4 Avocado

(breakfasts are my down pour when working and
starting work at 7.30am I have to find some healthy
alternatives than bread but it is the easiest to
eat in the car).


Mince (Kaweka new product out in
New Zealand quite nice)

10 rice crackers

7.25pm (after class yahoo)
Tomato pasta penne (homemade)

Anyway I am on my way. I am doing this for me FINALLY and I am doing it. I have got my exercise on track... I need to work on my food and for the next month I am going to achieve this!

Love ya all hun!


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