Friday, 26 May 2006

First day back after being sick

Ok it was Day 1 for me...

Well I went back to the gym today. Thought that since I had put on my blog that I was going to go for it from today then I better get my ass in to gear... I so didn't want to go to the gym.. not because I don't like it I LOVE IT but just getting there after a week of no exercise and me just feeling better so I thought I would tell you guys what I did this morning.

Warm up on bike 4 minutes (30 seconds hard and 30 seconds recovery)
Spin Bike (water bike that our gym has) 10 minutes
Treadmill 10 minutes

Bench press 4 sets of 12
1 arm d/b row 4 sets of 12
Standing shoulder press 4 sets of 12
Incline d/b curls 4 sets of 12
Bench dips arrghhhhhh 4 sets of 12

Leg press 4 sets of 12
Leg extension 4 sets of 12
Leg curls (now I feel like a beach whale on this machine) 4 sets of 12
Calf raises 4 sets of 12

Swiss ball crunches 4 sets of 12
Swiss ball decline crunches 4 sets of 12

Then to finish off I did 10 minutes on the bike HARD OUT 1 minute and relaxed the next minute

So I was there for an hour and a half and I still didn't finish it all OMG I feel so sore now.

I have gotten over the flu mostly and was feeling quite good today before the gym and then exhausted after the gym and now OMG NOW I have had an upset tummy all day and been going to the loo. Will I ever feel better.. this is just not fair. But it is not going to ruin another weekend IT IS NOT!!

I worked out really hard today and I am really proud of myself.

I have even gone out of my way to drink my water today too... and you all know how much I hate water he he he

It was a good day apart from that. Corbin was at school... Quinn was at creche and my mum decided she wanted to go to Bingo with a friend so I had the house to myself and I managed to read some blogs and read my book and had time to myself.. after picking up the boys and mum it was back to normal again sigh...

Wish hubby was home... missing him today that is for sure... sometimes I wish that we had Friday's off together. One day when we win lotto.

I might post again tonight... hmmmm maybe

Love ya all

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