Tuesday, 9 May 2006

On such a high! Feeling loved

I had a so so day at work today but that is ok as it isn't my life it is only a means to have money to have life. I think I have come across that now. I don't live to work I work to live he he.

Anyway got home from work and felt so tired. I think I am feeling it still from Sunday and I haven't been sleeping too well as I am still on a high.

So while my son was watching tv I went for a little snooze on the couch he he he. But he is such a little sweetie that he just watched his cartoons... (don't fear I don't let him watch tv a lot that is for sure).

Hubby came home and we both went out in the cars to the petrol station to fill up with petrol and my husband put petrol in our diesel (GRRRRRR) so I left him there and went to Weight Watchers so he could sort it out IDIOT. He was waiting for his brother to come (as he is a mechanic).

So anyway I went to weigh in... now I wasn't expecting to lose weight as I had done a lot of exercise and I have tracked but not wonderfully so I said to the lady I hadn't lost but I did... I did I LOST 1 KILO now I am hoping that I am back on track and that I keep on with the tracking because that is what is failing me at the moment. Not the exercise I have that down.

So I was really happy with that and my WW leaders came over and gave me a big hug about the triathlon and I just felt teary and then one of my WW friends came over with a bunch of flowers it was so sweet and I felt like overwelmed that is for sure.

So after I had hugged my friend for the lovely flower my WW leaders asked me to come over behind the desk for a while. They had finally made my present. I started crying because they thought about me and what I needed the most and it was a laminated star with their faces on one side and then quotes on the other side the quotes being:

1. Don't give up what you most want for what you want at the moment.
2. You must begin to think of yourself as the person you want to be.
3. Empower yourself and be the person you Dream about.

Are they amazing or what. At the top they say Chubbymum is a star (obviously using my real name he he)I cried as it was so touching that they thought to make me this to help me on my journey. I have to do this. I have to lose this weight for them to know that they are supporting the right person. A person that wants to do this.

So anyway the other bit of weirdness for the night was that Kris went to weigh in and I heard her say "no that won't do" and then the next minute she took off her top.

People just looked at her and with that she lost 200grams so that meant she had a loss of 100grams. Now I tell you! What does that prove?

The week before she had a top on and does it really justify that she had a good week when she didn't? I was quite disgusted really especially when there were people there that she didn't know and she was taking her top off and some men were walking in just as she was getting her top on. She thought it was a big joke and afterwards people were talking about like 'how could she do such a thing' with scoully faces. Even her mum said that it didn't show anything because she didn't lose correctly.

I suppose in our minds if we have a loss we have a loss but sometimes you have to wonder if the loss on the scales was true and will it make a difference to lose from week to week.

So anyway got home and the car wasn't home. Apparently it had to stay there and tomorrow the mechanics will have to drain the tank so that we can put petrol in it GRRRR if it's not one thing its another. So hubby is taking the day off tomorrow to sort it all out.

Anyway I have blabbed enough he he he I am going up to my beddy byes.

Love ya all and thank you for your support... it is greatly appreciated.

Love Chubbymum

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