Monday, 29 May 2006

Biggest Loser

Most of the day was ok... work work work work.

But went to have a meeting with my trainer and we went through my food and what I can do to sort my food out. It was a good half an hour and it was great to talk about things that have been bugging me on this 'diet' and I have got some things to get on with to get me back on track. It was a good time that is for sure.

Well anyway there was a poster on the wall in there and the gym (my trainer in particular) is doing a biggest loser but she is called it massive motivation. They are starting it in two weeks and you have to write in to say why you would like to be considered. It costs around $180 for 6 weeks of three days a week and at the end of it the person that has lost the most weight wins their money back and also the next course paid for and a dinner for two out to a nice restaurant. So I said I would like to go in to it. She said "I thought you would as you were the one that was trying to convince me to get something similar started" so at least someone is listening to me he he he

I said the only problem is... is that I want to still do the boot camp with the girls as it is important to me. She said I could still do one day of that and do 3 days of the other but we would have to see as I don't know what the times are that they are doing this. Hmmm it will be interesting that is for sure.

So I spent an hour working out at the gym after that and really went hard out on the cardio machines because I feel I really need this week.

So there are so many things going on for this year to get me motivated.

1. Wellington trip OMG I want to lose lots more before going down there so that is an incentive

2. The gym biggest loser coming up

3. Boot camp on the 7th July

4. 4 kilos to get to my 30 kilos by the end of May to get the Novetel weekend and pampering

Hmmmm I think that is enough to get me motivated this year aye!!! I really hope I am getting my A in to G that is for sure.

The only thing that I wish for is that I had someone that was going through the same thing doing the gym things with me. It just makes it more personal or something... it is great to know that you are going with a friend and getting to do exercise and still having fun... does that all make sense... Oh well. Please don't get me wrong I really LOVE my LEAN friends but they aren't big people... so they don't understand how much hard work it is for a bigger person and sometimes they don't relate ya know.

Anyway going to bed now. Didn't get too much sleep last night and I am buggered

Love CM

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