Friday, 5 May 2006

Finished on blogspot

Hi Anonymous.

I am now posting somewhere else privately and since I have been doing that I have been doing so much better with my weight loss and tracking, and feeling more content because I can freely write what I am truly thinking about things in my life, and that was the whole point of my diary when I first started this.

When I feel right about making it public I will tell you (if you email me at the address below) and I will put you on my email list to tell you when it is open to others. Would be nice to know who you are anonymous... I don't bite he he.

Anyone else that reads my diary please email me. I promise to send you the new address when I am sorted :-)

Thank you all for all your support I truly appreciate it.

I don't think it will be a long time but I just need to do this right now.

Love CM


Anonymous said...

Hi its Anonymous again,

I tryed to send you a email to your address but it dident work it just keeps on saying that the email address is incorrect

Corbin said...

hi chubbymum

I like your website.Tell me more about your self.

from corbin