Thursday, 18 May 2006

Met Hera

I have wanted to update in the last couple of days but the slow internet by Xtra just pissed me off. I wish they would learn to get their bleep bleep together.

I haven't had that much to say to be honest. Been really thinking about my situation and this weight loss situation and that I am getting lazy. I AM...

I am needing so much support but not just good on you support I need to be helped with my food etc. So I asked my WW leader if I could email her on Tuesday (OHHHH I gained 800 grams but I understand why... the alcohol in the weekend was sooo not good) so anyway I have been emailing my WW leader and she has been giving me some ideas on how to change some things.

Had a fabulous day today.

Started off with going to my LEAN class at 6am and working through a lot of exercises from our trainer. I was feeling a little sore from the night before's kickboxing class... but hey it can only get better CAN'T IT????

It was a great LEAN class today I felt energised and she made us make personal appointments with her re our goals and our food and to help us out... she is like really going all out to help us all and I can't wait. Then we went to check on our results from our fitness test from last week and my fitness level went up.. my trainer was so happy on the result and so that is frantastic as I didn't really understand what it all meant but hey.

Then took Corbin to school and helped out there for a half an hour doing some crafty things for the teacher and then Quinn and I went to the Lake to meet up with Hera and her daughter for the first time. I met Hera online and we just clicked. So we went for a walk. Hera said that she and her daughter walk around the lake but do it really slowly as her little one gets bored. But today both our kids were like angels that is for sure. Quinn was on his scooter and her daughter was in her pram. I think that they must have been listening in on our conversation or something as they were great.

I got on so well with her that we are doing it again next Thursday. It felt great to talk to someone and not feel weird... I get so tongue tied when meeting new people but I felt really comfortable with her today. I think I have found a really nice friend. The hour went so fast and then we went and got a drink and an ice cream for the kids and then watched them play in the play ground.

I was on such a high when I got back it was wonderful... felt really tired but hey that is ok.

Anyway I am tired and need to go to beddy byes he he he.

Love ya all.

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