Thursday, 25 May 2006

Going to do it this week!!!

I want to do this!

You know this guys don't you?

I want to get to the 30 kilos!!! What am I stuffing around for? I am doing so much exercise (apart from this week as I was really sick) but I am not sorting out the food.

In the last week I have been comfort food eating and I have to stop it... that is what got me in trouble before.

I am making better choices with my food though. And I am thinking about it before I eat it (even though sometimes I am not eating right I still chose WAY better than I used to).

I have 4 kilos to get to 30 kilos!!! only 4 kilos I want to do this and it drives me nuts that I am doing this OMG I can't do this because I keep thinking that Kris will get there first and that I can't lose as much as her and it makes me go the opposite direction and BELIEVE me I know that that is silly but that is how I work. I am going to lose this!! I am!!!

I sometimes wish that The Biggest Loser was on every single day. I feel pumped after watching it. I need to do more!

OMG I got two emails today from my LEAN Trainer and also one of the ladies that is in the LEAN class saying that they have missed me this week at the gym and Class and the lady in my Lean group asked why I wasn't there because my trainer just said I wasn't well... which is ok because she is trying to keep confidentuality etc.. So it was really nice for them to care. I have so missed the gym but to be honest I have felt like death warmed up.

I am going to the gym tomorrow as I feel I have to get back to it. I might go to the gym for an hour and then go for a walk around the lake.. and get out into the fresh air.

I slept in to 11 something today and then took my mum and son out.... I can tell you I don't know what I would have done this week being sick if I didn't have my mum living with us as she has been great looking after the boys so I can get over this. So we went out shopping for her today (I still am not feeling well but she needed to get out that is for sure)... anyway she managed to buy a bed couch for the boys play room and it will be delivered on Saturday. They need a couch in there as I want to go in and sit and talk to them sometimes but the floor isn't exactly the most comfortable he he he and it would be nice for them to have somewhere nice to sit and read a book too.

I have a goal of 500 grams this week to lose!!!

I want to achieve it.

I am going to drink my water this week and stop being a little child and avoiding it.... I have been slacking in the last couple of weeks with the water and HAS TO STOP...

So there you go guys.. I am going to do it this week.

Love CM

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