Saturday, 27 May 2006

Player of the day certificate

Ok you Wellington girls. I am trying to convince hubby that we need to go to Wellington for a holiday. So are you ready for me..... (that is if we can save enough as we want to buy a car by the end of the year ;-) he he ).

I want to meet up with all you fabulous girls again and ones that I haven't met in person before too... let's make a party of it he he he.

We (well I) am thinking leaving home on the 30th September to get to Wellington and on the 1st October meet everyone for lunch or a fabulous dinner. Wouldn't mind trying a restaurant that Karen was talking about last week... something about throwing food etc he he he I think it was Mt Fuji Tepanyaki or something like that.

Anyone else that wants to go down or come up around that time is most welcome too. It is the second week of school holidays too.

My youngest turns 5 on the 29 September and will be starting school on the 9th October woohooooo both kids at school yayyy.

Plus... the biggest PLUS is that it gives me something to work towards... getting my big fat ass skinnier he he he and also seeing Karen's puku it will be looking sooo pregnant woohooo.

It was a year last April since I had been down to meet you all and I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to... now please all put it in your diaries.

Today was a fantastic day. We took Corbin to his soccer game and they won wohooooo and Corbin got player of the day and I was sooo happy for him and as he said in his blog I was excited. OMG of course I was excited he deserved it even more today and he was so trying to get a goal, but the two teams were so compatible it was hard to even get the 1 goal that they did. The other team didn't get one at all he he he (smacking hand).

Then we took him in to McDonalds to celebrate (yes I know but he got a voucher for McDonalds from the team) so we said it was ok... he was happy. Then we went to a book sale at Whitcoulls (I am a bookaholic that is for sure) and brought a book each that the kids wanted and a couple of books for hubby and 3 books for me... greedy aren't I.

These are the books I got

Confessions of a reformed dieter (OMG just read the first chapter and she is so funny) by A.J Rochester.

The power of positive eating by Amanda Wynne & Alison Crawshaw.. this should be an interesting book. One is a Physiotherapist and one is a Dietitian. Written specifically for New Zealanders offers a unique new approach to weight loss. There are no lists of foods or meals for you to endure; no phoney magic formulas to dissolve excess fat and boost your metabolism. So anyway it looked interesting and I quite like reading about everything to do with weight loss so I can make an informed decision for myself.

OMG I am soooo excited that I am planning to come down to Wellington. It will give me such an incentive to get this weight off because I wanna look good he he he.

We rearranged the boys play room today because we brought a couch bed for in there so that we can sit and chat to them instead of sitting on the cold floor that has concrete under it he he he. Room looks so cool now.

Anyway going to go and have dinner now before I explode with happiness.

Love Chubbymum

Oh and P.S we went for a walk at 5.30 tonight with the boys 3 km's... good effort I reckon for a cold night.

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