Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Sick again....

I got sent home by work today.... sigh... not feeling well still and boss said to get my backside home... but me being me I needed to get the invoicing done first and then I came home.

I felt like crap but I couldn't sleep either as I had a V to get me through the morning so it was still going strong when I got home grrrr so I sat there trying to read but couldn't concentrate and then the cat decided he wanted hugs and no matter what he was going to get it even when I put my hand up so he would move somewhere else he still went around the other side of me to get close again geeshhhhhhh.

Thank God Corbin's soccer practice was called off because the grounds were closed Oh my there is a God that is for sure as I wasn't in the mood for standing out in the rain tonight that is for sure.

I think I am getting back on track now... when I am sick I get the main munchies but I am trying to choose better so we shall see.

Thanks Kate for leaving a message on Corbin's blog he was like beaming when he got home and saw the message and was upstairs to me so quick he he he.

Anyway I don't want my next two days (my day's off) me being sick that is for sure so I am going to go up to bed and try and shake this off grrrr

Goodnight everyone.

Love ya all

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