Thursday, 2 March 2006



My morning at L.E.A.N was fantastic. Everytime I go to the course I set myself a little goal because I have been stagnant and tend to go where it is comfortable... and everytime time our trainer said "work at your own level" hmmm now thinking about that I have not taken in before but my own level is not going to be where it is comfortable anymore... my own level is going to go up and up and up so that I can improve myself.

So anyway after all that babble... he he he I jogged today.... hold a sec and I will tell you about it in a sec.

Went to L.E.A.N today and got measured and weighed and in a week I have lost centimetres and I have lost on the scales woohooooo I felt fantastic when she showed me. It was great to know that my hard work was paying off.

Then we went on the treadmill and then went outside with everyone and had to do sprints back and forth and I got paired with someone other than Kris and she was ok but when we were asked to go around the shopping complex and we could walk or run I decided I would run from pole to pole and pushed myself it was great. Then we had to go in partners and do kickboxing kicks and hits and I pushed to the limit with that as well.

Went on another round of running or walking around the shops at the end of the hour and the whole group had to do it. I decided I would start running and Dee was going OMG girl that is fantastic.... you are running keep going my friend. So I caught up to Kris and then decided to walk for a little while with her and then ran it was exhilerating and when I got to the finish line Dee came over and gave me a hug and said she was proud of me. Wow what boost she gave me when she did that. I got my shower afterwards and I realised I was still smiling. It put me on such a high for the whole day.

Work was ok today. My boss has been away for a week and I now realise it isn't the job I am hating it is having her as a boss. Now don't get me wrong she is a nice person but she doesn't let me do my job and constantly interferes... I thought it was me and told another lady at work and she said she does that to everyone... it is driving me insane.

So I am on a high tonight.

Love ya all


Karen said...

Wooohoooo for running hun! You sound on such a high and that is always a pleasure to see/read! I am proud of you too hun *hugs*
Pity about the boss but I think we all have people like that at our respective jobs cause I know I sure do!
Take care

Kate said...

Sounds fantastic! Well done! I love it when your entries are positive like this!

Tracey Anne said...

WOW good on you!! I have been so inspired by you and your LEAN course, that today on my walk I tried jogging for a bit - only about 100 metres (that's all I could handle) but I figure if I keep pushing my comfort zone like you are, then I'll get fitter and fitter!
Yay, hope you have a fab week!

Ang said...

What a fantastic positive entry... you go girl!!!
Ps isn't it nice how peoples positive actions can just confirm our own self belief!!

:) Keep going!

fitcat said...

Well done. :)

Tess said...


Just want to say congrats on your weightloss and I am inspired!!!

Hope to join you in your success.

Hippygal said...

Good for you CM....

Secret: I have a blog again (check out my profile)

Hope your weekend is going well :):)

Cheers Jaxx